Community Educator Preparation Committee

CEPC Charge

The CEPC is tasked with providing data-driven and context-informed insights to improve educator preparation programs for PK-12 teachers, administrators, counselors, and social workers. The committee’s work involves analyzing data, reviewing curricula and programs, and considering the ever-changing contexts and needs in PreK-12 schools. With this information, the CEPC makes recommendations to the College of Education and Human Development that support continuous improvement and ensure that the educator preparation programs excel in preparing educators that are well-prepared to meet the needs of PreK-12 students in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and beyond.

Function of the committee:

To improve University of Louisville’s College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) educator preparation programs through

  • Offering context-informed insights
  • Providing data-driven insights
  • Making recommendations to CEHD.


The CEPC consists of:
CEHD LeadershipSchool District Leadership
Associate Dean, CEHD, Chair Ohio Valley Education Cooperative (OVEC) Representatives*
Department Chairs, Initial Teacher Preparation (EMSTED, SECP)Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) Representatives*
Department Chairs, Advanced Programs (LEAD, ECPY, SSW)Supervisor Representatives*
Director of Multiple Pathways Cooperating Teacher Representatives*
Director of OEDCP (Office of Educator Development & Clinical Practice)Completer Representatives*
Program Leads (e.g., BS in Music Education, MAT programs, Advanced Programs) Current Candidates Representatives*
Faculty Representatives*Community Organization Representatives*
Associate Deans, A&S; [undergraduate and graduate]
Associate Dean, School of Social Work
Associate Dean, Music
CEHD Chairs, Initial Teacher Preparation
CEHD Chairs, Advanced Program Preparation
CEHD Assessment Coordinators

*Representatives are selected on a 3-year rotating basis.