Dealing with Change

Dr. Jesse Wright on Change

Big Changes Coming

As the saying goes, “Life is a series of minor adjustments.” Sure, easier said than done, especially when someone experiences a major loss or traumatic event. Yet, the reality is that life is inherently stressful for a large majority of Americans, and those who are quicker to adapt to change often experience better quality of life functioning. That means fewer days battling depression and anxiety symptoms that not only can lead to less enjoyment in life, but can at times be crippling and disabling. The good news is that there are empirically supported strategies available to assist individuals in coping with change based on cognitive science.

Important concepts covered in this presentation are captured in a six point plan for coping with change, including the following information:

  1. Accept the reality of the situation and commit to adapting to the change
  2. Spot and modify negative thinking
  3. Use your strengths
  4. Communicate – don’t suffer in silence
  5. Take care of yourself
  6. Write out a coping plan