Child and Adolescent Mood Disorders

Depressive and bipolar disorders also occur in children and adolescents, but can often be difficult to identify.  Some symptoms of childhood depression are similar to those present in adults.  Children and adolescents may also demonstrate symptoms such as irritability, poor frustration tolerance, temper tantrums or mood swings which may be more apparent than a depressed mood, complicating the diagnosis of depression and bipolar disorder.  Furthermore, children with depressive illnesses often have other difficulties, including anxiety disorders, disruptive disorders, ADHD and substance abuse.

The Bingham Clinic for child and adolescent services at the University of Louisville offers a wide range of services for the accurate diagnosis and treatment of depression and bipolar disorders.  Our outpatient clinic is comprised of a large staff of physicians, psychologists and social workers.

Once a diagnosis is made, physicians on staff, are available to provide medication management when clinically indicated.  Psychosocial therapies, including cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) and interpersonal therapy (IPT), are provided by Clinic psychologists, social workers, and psychiatrists. Dr. Chris Peters focuses on treating athletes with mood disorders;  others specialize in treating mood disorders in children who also have developmental delays, and working with children and adolescents who have medical illness and depression complicated by chronic fatigue.