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As a founding member of the National Network of Depression Centers, we are committed to increasing scientific knowledge about depression & bipolar disorder and removing the stigma associated with mental illness. These aims will enable advanced patient care, thereby significantly improving quality of life.

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401 E. Chestnut Suite 610
Louisville, KY 40202

Building Hope Presentations

Free Building Hope Community Presentation Series. NOTE: March 5 presentation rescheduled for March 24. A series of free, public presentations, facilitated by clinicians in the Depression Center as well as other community professionals. View calendar of upcoming seminars

Photo of patient using TMS

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). The Depression Center offers the non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical NeuroStar TMS Therapy for patients suffering from depression. Videos and more info

Virtual Reality Therapy

Virtual Reality Therapy. The UofL Depression Center is the only treatment facility in this region to offer Virtual Reality Therapy for anxiety disorders and related problems. Learn More

Man feeling down

Is it more than "just the blues?" There are clear signs that help determine whether you are clinically depressed or just feeling sad. Learn more and take an online depression screening test.

Getting sleep

Getting a good night's sleep. Sleep is as important for your emotional health as it is for your physical well being. Learn how you can improve your mood and stress level.

Woman and depression

Women and depression. Particular attention is placed on women's mood disorders at the Depression Center. A team is in place to identify and treat depression as it presents through the female life span. Learn More

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From the Director

Message from the Director of the UofL Depression Center


Dr. Jesse WrightMore than 1 in 5 Americans experience depression or bipolar disorder during their lifetime. These common illnesses can have a devastating impact on people’s lives. Depression and other mood disorders can cause intense personal suffering, strained relationships, decreased productivity and an increased risk for suicide. However, we know a great deal about how to treat these problems successfully. If you have depression or bipolar disorder, there are many reasons for more about this


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UofL Health Care Outpatient Center
401 E. Chestnut
Suite 610
Louisville, KY 40202
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View the Center's YouTube Channel for more videos


View the Center's YouTube Channel for more videos