Computer-assisted Therapy

Researchers at the University of Louisville have developed a method of computer-assisted cognitive-behavior therapy (CCBT) that has been shown to be effective while reducing the amount of time that patients need to spend with a therapist. In a study reported in the American Journal of Psychiatry, Dr. Jesse Wright and associates demonstrated that CCBT had a strong and sustained effect in reducing symptoms of depression, despite using no antidepressant medication.

Computer-assisted CBT is available at the University of Louisville Depression Center to augment and speed the results of other therapies. Persons who want to utilize this method of building CBT skills and fighting depression and anxiety can discuss the opportunity with their doctor or therapist.

Disclosure: Dr. Jesse Wright, a developer of software for CCBT may receive royalties or other compensation from sales of the computer program “Good Days Ahead” described on the Empower-Interactive website).