Psychopharmacology Consultations

Medications are prescribed widely for treatment of depression and related problems. For some people, the first medication leads to complete relief of symptoms. But, a full remission of depression happens in less than 50% of people treated with a single antidepressant. When symptoms linger or become more severe, a consultation with an expert in psychopharmacology (use of psychiatric medications) may be very helpful in charting a successful course toward recovery. Also, effective management of bipolar disorder may require the assistance of a clinician with advanced knowledge in this area of treatment. Other reasons for a consultation may include: complex symptoms or multiple psychiatric and medical disorders, history of drug reactions or interactions, and possible genetically determined variations in drug metabolism.

Specialists at the University of Louisville Depression Center can perform detailed assessments that result in rational plans for effectively using medications or other interventions to resolve symptoms or to maximize the results of treatment.