Health Concerns and Health Information Needs of Lesbian Women

Vicki Hines-Martin PhD, CNS, RN, FAAN – Principal Investigator

As part of a program of research focused on addressing barriers to mental health access, including treatment of depression, in community based minority and underserved populations, this study is focused on identifying critical health issues (physical and mental) unique to lesbian women and their families. The study will also result in the identification of health communication strategies perceived as important by study participants.  Data from this study will be added to the findings from Dr. Hines-Martin’s previous participatory action research with immigrant/English as second language (Hispanic, Somali Bantu, and Chinese), gay men, and African American populations and will contribute to the further development of the Color of Health website at  This research based website functions as a portal for national and local resources that provide mental (and physical) health information addressing the needs of diverse populations. Future steps in this program of research are focused on enhancing internet capability for the provision of original health information in support of informed decision making regarding health care access, computer based mental health intervention, and research methods using internet based technology. This interdisciplinary research is unique in its health and technology collaboration in conjunction with its community focused, participatory action approach.