Renewing Education for Adult Learners - REAL

A program of the Signature Partnership Education Access Center



We envision a program experience for adult learners that will lead to a renewed interest in education and a lifetime of learning that will benefit families and future generations.


The Renewing Education for Adult Learners Program pilot aims to help adult learners age 18+ earn their GED and become lifelong learners.  The program serves as a refresher for adults returning to the classroom who are in need of preparation and support to move on to the next steps in their education.  Participants also include adults with their high school diplomas who desire a basic education refresher before pursuing additional education.  The 15-week GED instruction course is augmented by enrichment short courses on topics geared towards adult learners.  Mentoring conversations on motivation, goal setting and perseverance will provide the teachable skills necessary for academic success.  Tutors work with students in the classroom.

The pilot program is offered in partnership with JCPS Adult Education, Simmons College and the University of Louisville.  Program funding is provided by a grant from the Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE).

Tutors are needed to assist adult learners in the REAL program.  View Volunteer tutor form for more information. (PDF)

For additional information, call 502.852.5000 or contact us via email at speacctr@exchange.louisville.edu


Simmons College of Kentucky

Parrish Hall

1018 S. 7th Street

Louisville, KY  40203

Watercolor painting, entitled Pursuit, was created by UofL student, LaToya Whitlock, to reflect the efforts of students in the REAL program.