I think, therefore I EXPLORE

Reggie Van Stockum, Biology MS ’75, Ph.D. ’79, Environmental lawyer and author.
I think, therefore I  EXPLORE

Reggie Van Stockum, Biology MS ’75, Ph.D. ’79, Environmental lawyer and author


Research and academic interests
Environmental law, biology, geography, history of sciences, music and creative writing.

You chose to become a lawyer, with three degrees in biology. Why this career track and how does your background in biology inform your work as a lawyer?
I wanted a career that would enable me to stay home in Kentucky. My education was well-suited for a career in environmental law, concentrating on the environment.

What sparked your interest in biology?
Nature and landforms attract my interest. The law has allowed me to focus those interests.

Tell me about a project or story that you consider to be post significant in your career thus far.
Succeeding in the business of law as a sole proprietor.

Who or what inspires you?
The world around us and those who have found peace living within it.

Did you have any key mentors? Tell me about them.
My mother and father. I was incredibly fortunate to have them as role models and friends.

What’s the best advice you ever received?
Always tell the truth and everything else will be ok.

You’ve published quite a bit of writing. What inspires you to write and what do you enjoy most, and least, about writing?
Two novels and six short stories. Writing is an urge to express the meaning of life. This is true for academic and creative writing.

What book did you most enjoy writing?
Markman’s Home
. I cried writing the last chapter.

What would you say motivates you to do what you do?
The opportunities that our society and system of government provides if one steps forward to take them.

Advice for current students?
Get a job, any job. That is when you begin the university of the market place.