Undergraduate Research on Display in Frankfort

Annual Posters-At-The-Capitol event features 20 UofL undergraduates

Twenty UofL undergraduate students presented research projects to lawmakers in Frankfort at the Posters-at-the-Capitol event on February 21.

Now in its twelfth year, "Posters-at-the-Capitol" is intended to demonstrate to state officials the importance of  undergraduate research, scholarly and creative work -- and to show those responsible for funding higher education across the Commonwealth that our future hinges on not simply providing access to college, but the quality of that education.

"In many cases, undergraduate students, including sophomores and juniors, are participating in research at UofL." said President James Ramsey. "They’re getting a chance to work on cures for cancer, heart disease and other health care  dilemmas.  They’re also working on solving social and energy problems.  Our students are working with some of the top researchers in the country, UofL faculty members who are mentoring them and exposing them to 'real world' problems and solutions."