Cards All In Scholarship Spotlight: Biology and Spanish Major Ethan Tomlinson

Ethan Tomlinson is a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. He is a Cardinal Host, a Shadow Host, a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta Premedical Honors Society and is part of UofL Habitat for Humanity.
Cards All In Scholarship Spotlight: Biology and Spanish Major Ethan Tomlinson

Ethan Tomlinson

Name: Ethan Tomlinson
Degree pursing: Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish
Anticipated date of graduation: May 2015
Activities on campus:Cardinal Host, Shadow Host, Alpha Epsilon Delta Premedical Honors Society, UofL Habitat for Humanity

Why are you proud to be a part of the cardinal family?

I am a proud UofL Cardinal because being a Cardinal is about discovering who you are and utilizing the tools provided by the University to achieve your vision and goals. In my opinion, higher education is a fundamental aspect of human development of the intellect, person, and spirit. I believe that UofL’s faculty, staff, and administration do an excellent job of investing in the student body in order to make a UofL education an invaluable component of the lives of each and every student in a way that makes being a Cardinal unique.

How has receiving a scholarship help benefit you?

The Brown Fellows Scholarship I received has framed my entire college experience. In the simplest way, it allowed me to attend college free from financial concerns or obligations, but its true effect is much more important. The Brown Fellows Program equipped me with the resources, mentoring, and motivation that led me to study abroad in three Central American countries, seek employment at Baptist Health, and work for the Kentucky Governor’s Scholars Program. Brown Fellows granted me access to unparalleled academic and personal enrichment opportunities that have undoubtedly shaped the person I am today and who I wish to become. For that, I owe them a great debt.

What do you plan to do upon graduation?

After graduation, I will attend the University of Louisville’s School of Medicine and go on to become a physician in the Air Force after the completion of my residency.

What’s your favorite thing about UofL?

What I love most about the University of Louisville is that everyone has a place. While the University often speaks of diversity in terms of race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, I know that my university is full of diversity and opportunity in so many other ways. In terms of clubs, sports, student organizations, degrees, etc., UofL has a niche for everyone. UofL has the potential to be a home to anyone if he or she is willing find it and receives some help or mentoring along the way.

Best campus memory to date?

To me, my favorite memories of UofL are the simple, everyday moments shared with friends and classmates. From sharing meals to studying together, time spent on and off campus in the presence of friends makes UofL the exciting and fun place I know it to be. There are too many moments, some noteworthy and others mundane, to mention specifically, but I know I will never forget celebrating our NCAA Championship victory on campus during my sophomore year.

In a few sentences, can you explain your overall experience here at UofL and talk a little about what receiving a scholarship has done for you currently and will do for your future.

My time as an undergraduate at the University of Louisville has been an overwhelming positive. Experiencing classes, on-campus jobs, clubs, events, and more have broadened my horizons in multiple ways and contributed to my development as a person, citizen, and future professional. I have made friendships and connections at and because of UofL that will last a lifetime and could not be duplicated had I spent the last four years of my life anywhere else.