Dean Hudson's State of the College 2004-11

"State of the College of Arts and Sciences"

Dean J. Blaine Hudson



. . . of what is past, or passing, or to come.

Dean Blaine Hudson


"In considering how to describe the “state” of the College of Arts and Sciences, I was reminded of a line from “Sailing to Byzantium” by William Butler Yeats—“ . . . of what is past, or passing, or to come.”

Having been associated with the University of Louisville as a student since 1966, and as an employee since 1974, I have witnessed much of the University’s recent past.  And, being involved since 1999 in some aspect of the central administration of the College, much of my time and effort have focused on how to meet the challenges of this often difficult and uncertain time of change.  And this time is far from over.

So, what is past? Where are we now? What is passing? And what is to come? And how do we chart our future course?"

- September 10, 2004

Dean J. Blaine Hudson