A year in photos

A review of the year in photos for the College of Arts and Sciences by photographer Tom Fougerousse.
A year in photos

Cate Fosl, professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and director of the Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice. “I like this one because she’s working next to a photo of Anne Braden,” Fougerousse said.

University of Louisville photographer Tom Fougerousse has curated his favorite pictures from 2016, and many feature College of Arts & Sciences students and faculty. The photos showcase a visual retrospective of a year that had it all – from the Arts & Sciences portrait series for the “I Think, Therefore I …” campaign to Prof. Cate Fosl (Women’s & Gender Studies) at work in the Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research and Prof. James Grubola (Fine Arts) at work at the Louisville Ballet.

Fougerousse picked 87 photos for his annual “Favorites” collection. He started the project in 2010 when “everything started going digital.” He adds his favorites to a folder throughout the year and then revisits all of his assignments at year’s end to make sure he doesn’t miss anything that stuck out.

His favorite shots are those with motion. He also likes shooting music and theater events.

“They keep me entertained while I’m working,” he said. “But I always try to pick diverse styles for this project. There are still-lifes and portraits, too.”

The subject, he adds, is what makes for an interesting picture.

“A lot of times, I’ve tried to shoot with a minimal depth of field so you know what the subject is in the photo or what I want you to see in focus,” Fougerousse said.

Fougerousse explains a handful of photos from the latest “Favorites” project, including the cover shot of Prof. Fosl. “I like this one because she’s working next to a photo of Anne Braden,” Fougerousse said. 

Tom's Favorites - 2016