A&S Shines at this Year’s Celebration of Teaching and Learning

  • The 2014-15 Paul Weber Award for Departmental Excellence in Teaching was given to the Department of Biology. The primary objective of this award is to recognize the established and ongoing teaching excellence of departments and small units.
  • A&S professor Raymond Chastain from the Department of Physics and Astronomy was honored as one of the “Top 4” Faculty Favorites at the  Feb. 6 Celebration of Teaching & Learning. Watch this video of Prof. Chastain.Working third shift is a struggle, and it may be hard to concentrate in class sometimes, but I never wanted to miss a physics class because it was the best class I had ever taken,” one student said. Another said, “Professor Chastain will be one I will never forget just because he made me want to learn, without him knowing it.”

A whopping 178 A&S faculty, staff and graduate teaching assistants as Faculty Favorites in 2013-14. Each received a formal letter of recognition from the Provost, along with a certificate, and were invited to attend the Faculty Favorite Reception, that was held during the lunch program at the 2015 Celebration of Teaching and Learning. See list of all A&S nominees here.