A&S Prizes, Honors and Awards; December 2012 Commencement

Undergraduate Prizes, Honors and Awards, December 2012

Outstanding Graduate

  • Stephanie A. Coffman

honors medallionsUniversity Honors Scholars

  • Kathryn A. Cross
  • Rebecca L. Denfip
  • Alecia M. Fuller
  • Lia M. Garofolo
  • Julie M. Lamb
  • Seth D. Wand

Department of Classical and Modern Languages Award for Excellence

  • Lia M. Garofolo - French

Outstanding Senior in Communication

  • Bradley M. Jones

Justice Administration Faculty Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award

  • Sean E. Allen

Outstanding Senior in Liberal Studies

  • Ellise S. Nolan

Nancy Pollock Memorial Award in Pan African Studies

  • Nikki Strong

Second Lieutenant Commissions, United States Air Force

  • Alex J. Hermes

Elections to the Woodcock Society

  • Syed Zeeshan Asif
  • Shelby Elizabeth Budrick
  • Emily K. Carris
  • Stephanie Ann Coffman
  • Rebecca Leigh Denfip
  • Sarah Exner
  • Lydia R. Falconnier
  • Alecia Marie Fuller
  • Ian Andrew Hamilton
  • William H. Hopkins III
  • Abigail M. Hoskins
  • Margaret V. Jacobson
  • Bradley Michael Jones
  • Sara E. Massey
  • Rhonda L. Orman
  • Aaron P. Riggs
  • Rosanna G. Scott

Golden Key logoElections to Golden Key Honor Society All University Honor Society

  • Edin Alihodzic
  • Syed Z. Asif
  • Sarah Exner
  • Natascha L. Hader
  • Cory M. Huffman
  • Hayley E. Meek
  • Maira Monnerat Pompeu Campos
  • Elliott W. Paul
  • Julie L. Schorr
  • Melissa Whalen

Elections to Lambda Alpha National Honorary Society in Anthropology

  • Ellen G. Rich
  • Deborah H. Silverman
  • Suzanna L. Stoll

Elections to Pi Delta Phi French Honorary

  • Lia M. Garofolo
  • Sarah K. Isaacs

Elections to Phi Alpha Theta National Honorary Society in History

  • William H. Hopkins

Elections to Alpha Phi Sigma National Criminal Justice Honor Society

  • Sean E. Allen
  • Daniel Gonzalez
  • Whitney F. Graham
  • Cory M. Huffman

Elections to Pi Sigma Alpha National Honorary Political Science Fraternity

  • Sarah A. Fiske
  • Amber D. Graves
  • Brandon S. McReynolds
  • Jessica D. Nichols
  • Aaron P. Riggs
  • Nicole M. Vander Werf-Lobato
  • Andrew J. Waford

Elections to Psi Chi National Honor Society in Psychology

  • Alecia M. Fuller
  • Gloria S. George
  • Khoua Lor
  • Rosanna G. Scott

Graduate Prizes, Honors and Awards, December 2012

Golden Key logoElections to Golden Key Honor Society All University Honor Society

  • Robert S. Goforth
  • Bradley M. Hall
  • Melvin E. Kindle
  • Shane T. Scott

Alpha Phi Sigma, National Criminal Justice Honor Society

  • Joshua S. Capito

The College of Arts and Sciences Recognizes these Outstanding Students

  • Trena E. Armstrong, MA, Pan African Studies
  • Melani M. Duvall, MA, Sociology
  • Bridgette K. Lipman, MA, Communication
  • Elizabeth Lush, PhD, Clinical Psychology
  • Lori J. Wilson, MA, History