A&S Faculty Assembly Minutes February 13 2009

College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty Assembly Meeting

February 13, 2009

Registering Attendance:

Biology A. Karpoff, J. Mansfield-Jones, W. Pearson
Chemistry R. Buchanan
Classical & Modern Lang

R. Buchanan, W. Cunningham, M. Dalle, R. Luginbill, M. Makris, A. Mastri, C. Sullivan, L. Wagner

Communication B. Edwards, J. Ferre, A. Futrell, S. Sohn
English D. Anderson, T. Byers, G. Cross, S. Griffin, D. Hall, S. Henke, B. Horner, A. Jaffe, M. Lu, C. Mattingly, G. Nunez, A. Rabin, G. Ridley, S. Ryan, E. Wise, T. Yohannes
Fine Arts D. Lai
Geography/Geosciences C. Hanchette, G. Lager, C. Leuthart, K. Mountain, A. Sabhlok, W. Song, H. Zhang
History B. Beattie, A.G. Crothers, J. Cumbler, Y. Ma, T. Mackey, E. McInnis, J. McLeod, R. Njoku, L.S, Weissbach

A. Allen, M. Stenger

Mathematics B. Bradley, L. Gibson, T. Riedel, D. Swanson
Pan-African Studies J.B. Hudson, T. Rajack-Talley
Philosophy R. Kimball, O. Wiggins
Physics D. Brown
Political Science J. Gainous, A. Martens, S. Matarese, R. Payne, R. Vogel, S. Wallace
Psychological and Brain Sciences R. Lewine, S. Meeks

J. Beggan, J. Busch, A. Furr, C. Negrey, C. Talley

Theatre Arts N. Burton, J. Tompkins, R. Vandenbroucke
Urband and Public Affairs S. Bourassa
Women’s & Gender Studies C. Fosl, D. Heinecken, K. Story, N. Theriot


Professor Byers, Chair, called the Assembly to order.

The minutes of the Assembly of December 5, 2008, were approved as distributed.

The Chair recognized Professor Beattie, Chair of the Personnel Committee, who moved, seconded by the Committee, changes to the College Personnel Policy regarding a faculty member’s voting on tenure cases in a department in which that person holds a secondary appointment. Professor Beattie stated that the changes were proposed in order to bring College policy into conformance with Redbook policy.

The Chair established clarification of two points: that the policy refers to faculty with BOT appointments in two departments, not affiliated faculty in interdisciplinary programs; and that the proposal was not intended to remove a department’s ability to decide whether or not it grants voting rights to a person with a secondary appointment.

Discussion included Professors Meeks, Kimball, Vogel, and Griffin.

Professor Griffin moved to substitute the language of Redbook II.A.3 for the committee’s motion.

Continued discussion included Professors Weissbach, Cumbler, McLeon, Wise, Pearson, Meeks, Theriot, Vogel, Karpoff, Beattie, and Cross.

Hearing no call for further discussion, the Chair put the question on the motion to substitute and the motion failed.

Professor Weissbach proposed to substitute the following for the committee’s recommendation: “In tenure and promotion cases, after examination of the evidence, each probationary and tenured faculty member having an appointment in a department in which that faculty member has relevant voting rights shall have a single vote, and the Chair shall report the vote numerically.”

The motion to substitute was seconded.

Discussion included Professors Fosl and Theriot.

Professor Theriot moved to strike the word “single.” Professor Fosl seconded the motion.

Discussion included Professors Leuthart, Weissbach, and Ferre.

Professor Ferre moved to return the proposal to the Personnel Committee for reconsideration in light of the questions raised by the Assembly. Professor Wise seconded the motion to remand.

Discussion included Professors Cumbler, Reidel, Weissbach, and Karpoff.

Hearing no call for further discussion of the motion to remand, the Chair put the question and the motion failed.

The Chair then put the question on the motion to strike the work “single” from Professor Weissbach’s substitute motion. The motion failed.

The Chair then put the question on the motion to substitute Professor’s Weissbach’s motion for the motion from the Personnel Committee. The motion to substitute carried.

The Chair then put the question on the substitute motion as an amendment to the College Personnel Policy (2.2.I.9). The motion carried.

The Chair recognized Professor Hanchette, Chair of the Curriculum Committee, who moved seconded by the Committee a policy on Conflict of Interest in Adoption of Educational Materials.

In response to a question, Professor Hanchette clarified that the policy did not require that faculty mitigate financial gain from the adoption of their own materials.

Discussion included Professors McLeod, Wise, Ryan, Riedel, Griffin, Stenger, Meeks, Bradley, and Karpoff.

Hearing no call for further discussion, the Chair put the question and the motion to adopt the proposed policy failed.

Dean Hudson spoke on the current budget situation.

A motion to adjourn having been made and seconded, the Chair declared the Assembly adjourned.