A&S Faculty Assembly Minutes December 8 2006

College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty Assembly Meeting

December 8, 2006

Registering Attendance:

 Biology M. Klotz, D. Schultz
Classical & Modern Lang

R. Buchanan, W. Cunningham, M. Dalle, J. Greene, A. Leidner, R. Luginbill, F. Nuessel, W. Pfeffer, L. Zeng,

Communication J. Ferre, G. Leichty

T. Byers, K. Chandler, J. Dietrich, S. Griffin, E. Lin, A. Powell, A. Rabin, S. Ryan, B. Williams, J. Wolfe

Geography/Geosciences C. Hanchette, A. Sabhlok
History T. Mackey, J. McLeod, R. Njoku
Humanities A. Allen, M. Stenger, E. Wise
Mathematics L. Gibson
Pan-African Studies J. Hudson
Philosophy D. Owen
Political Science

J. Farrier

Sociology J. Beggan, J. Busch
Theatre Arts J. Tompkins, R. Vandenbroucke
Women’s & Gender St K. Christopher, A. Harris, N. Theriot

Professor Byers, Chair, called the meeting to order.

The Chair stated that the order of business was the second reading of the proposed change to the by-laws, adding “meeting or exceeding all compliance standards” to the position description for the dean of the college (addendum to the by-laws). The change was moved and seconded by the Personnel Committee.

The Chair asked if there was any discussion of the proposal. Hearing no call for discussion, he put the question on the motion to amend the by-laws. The motion carried unanimously.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.