A&S Faculty Assembly Minutes Jan 20 2006

College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty Assembly Meeting

January 20, 2006

 Registering Attendance:

Aerospace Science M. Smekrud
Anthropology J. Haws, L. Markowitz, S. Parkhurst, C. Tillquist

J. Alexander, G. Cobbs, C. Corbitt, D. Dykhuizen, P. Eason, P. Ewald, R. Fell, M. Klotz, H. Mansfield-Jones, W. Pearson, M. Perlin, S. Remold, D. Schultz

Chemistry R. Buchanan, F. Luzzio, G. Pack, A. Powe, J. Richardson
Classical & Modern Lang

R. Buchanan, M. Dalle, J. Greene, C. Hardin, G. Hutcheson, A. Leidner, R. Luginbill, M. Makris, F. Nuessel, W. Pfeffer, C. Pooser, R. Roebuck, C. Sullivan, W. Yoder, L. Zeng


J. Berman, S. Esrock, J. Ferre, A. Futrell, G. Leighty, S. Phillips, R. St. Clair


D. Anderson, D. Billingsley, B. Boehm, T. Byers, K. Chandler, J. Dietrich, A. Golding, P. Griner, K. Hadley, D. Hall, A. Jaffe, K. Kopelson, C. Mattingly, A. Powell, G. Ridley, M. Rosner, A. Rubin, S. Ryan, D. Tanner, J. Webb, B. Willey, B. Williams, J. Wolfe, T. Yohannes

Fine Arts

T. Burns, M. Carothers, Y. Chan, S. Chapman, D. Covi, M. Eckert, L. Friesen, C. Fulton, J. Grubola, B. Hanger, S. Massey, G. Mayer, M. Priest, C. Rhodes, S. Skaggs, J. Whitesell


J. Anderson, J. Hadizadeh, C. Hanchette, G. Lager, C. Leuthart, W. Song


B. Adams, A. Allen, B. Beattie, H. Cumbler, J. McLeod, R. Njoku, K. Spierling, L.S. Weissbach


A. Allen, K. Gray, R. Johmann, N. Polzer, M. Stenger, E. Wise

Justice Administration T. Hughes, G. Vito, D. Wilson

B. Bradley, P. Cerrito, L. Gibson, J-L Kim, L. Larson,

A. Miller, T. Riedel, P. Sahoo, D. Swanson, W. Williams

Military Science K. Donahoe, P. Wirth
Pan-African Studies M. Bani, J.B. Hudson, R. Jones, D. Martin, T. Rajack-Talley

R. Kimball, A. Kolers, T. Maloney, D. Mosley, D. Owen,O. Wiggins

Physics D. Brown, W. Hoston, Jr., S. Liu
Political Science

A. Caldwell, J. Farrier, S. Hua, S. Matarese, R. Payne, L. Rhodebeck, R. Vogel, S. Wallace, O. Yohannes, C. Ziegler


C. Cashon, P. DeMarco, M. McCall, E. Ross, F. Wightman, P. Zahorik


J. Beggan, J. Busch, M. Evans-Andriss, A. Furr, C. Negrey, J. Rieger, H. Taniguchi, W. Usui

Theatre Arts N. Burton, R. Frye, L. Thomas, R. Vandenbroucke
Women’s & Gender St A. Harris, D. Heinecken, N. Theriot


Professor Hall, Chair, called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m.

The minutes of the meeting of December 2, 2005, were approved as distributed.


The Chair requested and was granted unanimous consent to change the order of business and take up two new items of business before returning to the revision of the personnel policy.

The Chair recognized Professor Klotz for the Planning and Budget Committee. Professor Klotz moved, seconded by the committee, the transfer of the School of Urban and Public Affairs into the College of Arts and Sciences as a department in the Social Sciences Division.

Discussion included Professors Vogel, Leuthart, Hudson, Malony, and Weissbach.

Professor Leuthart moved to strike everything in the committee report following the paragraph numbered (recommendation) 1.

In clarification, the Chair stated that the Assembly was not voting on the document as a whole but only on the specific motion to transfer SUPA into the College. The motion to strike was withdrawn since it referred to language not part of the official motion.

Continuing discussion included Professors Byers, Rieger, DeMarco, Weissbach, Pfeffer, and Pierce.

Hearing no call for further discussion, the Chair put the question and the motion carried.

Professor Leuthart requested that she be recorded as having voted in the affirmative.

The Chair recognized Professor Beattie for the Curriculum Committee. He moved, seconded by the committee, that the College add a language proficiency requirement (equivalent to the completion of the second semester of a single foreign language, 6-8 semester credit hours) to B.S. and B.F.A. degrees, effective Fall 2006.

Discussion included Professors Pfeffer and Grubola.

Professor Grubola moved to amend the motion by removing the BFA degree from the proposed requirement. The motion was seconded.

Discussion of the motion to amend included Professors Allen, Cerrito, and Byers.

Further discussion included Professors Brown, Slavin, Skaggs, Chapman, Pfeffer, Perlin, Roebuck, Williams, and Cumbler.

Noting that discussion was becoming somewhat confused between discussion of the main motion and discussion of the motion to amend, Professor Byers moved that the Assembly move to committee of the whole, for the purposes of general discussion. The motion to move to committee of the whole carried.

Following a period of general discussion the Chair announced that the committee of the whole would rise and recommend that the Assembly extend the meeting until 3:30 pm.

The motion to extend the Assembly until 3:30 pm carried.

The Chair asked if there was further discussion on the motion to amend the proposal for a language proficiency requirement by exempting the BFA degree from the requirement.

Discussion included Professors Perlin, Wise, Golding, Hudson, Leichty, D’Antoni, Polzer, and Grubola.

Hearing no call for further discussion, the Chair put the question and the motion carried.

A division of the house was called. The motion carried with 76 in favor and 42 opposed.

Professors Pfeffer and Byers requested that they be recorded as having voted in the affirmative.

Professor Leuthart moved that the Assembly vote to extend the meeting by an additional five minutes. The motion passed.

Professor Wise moved that a paper ballot be used for the vote on the main motion.. The motion was seconded. The Chair put the question on use of a paper ballot and it was defeated.

Hearing no call for further discussion, the Chair put the question on the main motion, as amended. The motion carried.

The Chair declared the meeting adjourned.