A&S Faculty Assembly Minutes Nov 4 2005

College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty Assembly Meeting

November 4, 2005

 Registering Attendance:

Aerospace Science:

J. Campbell


S. Parkhurst


M. Perlin


B. Buchanan

Classical & Modern Languages:

W. Cunningham, M. Dalle, J. Greene, G. Hutcheson, A. Leidner, R. Luginbill, M. Makris, A. Mastri, F. Nuessel, C. Pooser, C. Sullivan, L. Wagner


M. Cunningham, S. Esrock, A. Futrell, J. Gregg, G. Leichty, S. Phillips


A.E. Willey, B. Williams, T. Yohannes


J. Anderson, C. Leuthart, K. Mountain


B. Adams, A. Allen, J. Cumbler, R. Kebric, J. McLeod, R. Njoku, K. Spierling, L.S. Weissbach


A. Allen, K. Gray, N. Polzer, E. Wise


S. Holt, J-L. Kim, L. Larson, T. Riedel, D. Swanson

Pan-African Studies:

J.B. Hudson, T. Rajack-Talley


R. Kimball, A. Kolers, O. Wiggins

Political Science:

G. Cockerman, J. Farrier, P. Laemmle, L. Rhodebeck, C. Ziegler


P. DeMarco, S. Meeks

Theatre Arts:

R. Vandenbroucke

Women’s & Gender Studies:

D. Heinecken, N. Theriot

A & S Student Council:

H. Hodges


Professor Hall, Chair, called the Assembly to order

The minutes of the meeting of April 29, 2005, were approved as distributed.

The Chair recognized Professor Byers, who moved, seconded by the Personnel Committee, changes to the college personnel policy. [The document, as distributed, is attached to these minutes.]

Professor Byers summarized the document as dealing with three issues: 1) the review of part-time lecturers; 2) the Annual Work Plan (AWP) and the letter of hire; and 3) review procedures. He requested and received unanimous consent to deal with the proposed changes by issue.

Professor Byers asked that the Assembly first consider changes involving the AWP and the letter of hire, as found in sections 2.1.A. and 2.2. F.1. He stated that the effect of these changes would be to make the letter of hire a document of force in personnel reviews and in the construction of the AWP.

Discussion included Professors Allen, Kimball, Perlin, Weissbach, Billingsley, Hudson, and DeMarco, [Dean Hudson clarified that the “letter of hire” was the letter of appointment sent by the dean’s office.]

The Chair recognized Professor Byers who moved to amend section 2.1.A. by substituting “requirements” for “expectations” and to amend section 2.2.F.1. by substituting “requirements” for “conditions.” The motion also encompassed a change from “those” to “the expectations” in section 2.2.F.1. Professor Perlin seconded the motion.

Discussion of the amendment included Professors Hall, Cumbler, Kolers, Cross, Ziegler, Griffin, Pecknold, Byers, Riedel, Weissbach, and Billingsley.

Professor Weissbach moved to amend Professors Byers’ amendment by changing “expectations” in 2.1.A. to “ any specific requirements included” and to change “all conditions specified by” to “any specific requirements included in” in 2.2.F.1. Professor Cumbler seconded the motion.

The amendment to the amendment was accepted as friendly.

Discussion included Professors Weissbach, Perlin, Leuthart, Boehm, Wise and Kimball.

Hearing no call for further discussion on the motion to amend, the Chair put the question and the motion carried.

The Assembly returned to discussion of the main motion, the changes to 2.1.A. and 2.2.F.1. as amended. Discussion included Professors Theriot, Allen, Cumbler, Riedel, Pecknold, Hudson, Weissbach, and Journet.

Professor Weissbach moved to remand sections 2.1.A. and 2.2.F.1. of the document to the Personnel Committee to consider how best to articulate the relationship between the letter of hire and the AWP, to study any potential contradictions to the Redbook, and to perfect the language of the sections. Professor Journet seconded the motion.

The Chair put the question to remand, and it carried by voice vote.

Professor Byers called for a division of the house.

The motion to remand carried with 44 in favor and 6 opposed.

Professor Byers requested that the Assembly examine the proposed changes to section 2.2.F.2 (Teaching) enumerating indicators of teaching proficiency.

Discussion included Professor McLeod, Byers, Journet, Boehm, and Weissbach.

Professor Journet moved that section 2.2.F.2 also be remanded to the committee. General assent was given to this motion.

Noting that the time stated in the call for the meeting had elapsed, the Chair declared the meeting adjourned.