Faculty Assembly Minutes, April 14, 2003

College of Arts & Sciences


April 14, 2003

Registering Attendance:
Aerospace Science: T. Prince
Anthropology: J. Peteet, E. Segal, C. Tillquist
Biology: R. Fell, C. Gulledge, J. Jack, M. Klotz, W. Pearson, M. Perlin, D. Schultz, J. Steffen
Chemistry: F. Luzzio
Classical & Modern Lang. R. Buchanan, A. Cedeno, W. Cunningham, M. Dalle, J. Greene, G. Hutcheson, A. Leidner, R. Luginbill, M. Makris, A. Mastri, W. Pfeffer, C. Pooser, R. Roebuck, L. Wagner
Communication: M. D'Silva, S. Esrock, J. Ferre, A. Futrell, J. Gregg, J. Hart, G. Leichty, K. Walker, E. Warner, C. Willard
English: D. Anderson, M. Biberman, D. Billingsley, B. Boehm, G. Cross, D. Hall, S. Henke, D. Journet, C. Mattingly, R. Miller, K. Mullen, S. Ryan, T. Van, A. Willey, B. Williams, J. Wolfe, T. Yohannes
Geography/Geosciences: J. Anderson, A. Clarke, B. Dakan, C. Hanchette, C. Leuthart
History: B. Adams, A. Allen, J. Cumbler, C. Ehrick, T. Mackey, J. McLeod, K. Spierling, L.S. Weissbach
Humanities: T. Burden, K. Gray, N. Polzer, E. Wise
Justice Administration: G. Vito, D. Wilson
Mathematics: G. Barnes, K. Clancey, I. Levi, R. Powers, T. Riedel
Pan-African Studies: M. Dogbe, F. Iyun, B. Hudson, R. Jones
Philosophy: E. John, A. Kolers, T. Maloney, D. Masolo, N. Potter
Physics: D. Brown
Political Science: J. Bunck, D. Clayton, J. Farrier, M. Fowler, T. Gray,
P. Laemmle, R. Payne, L. Rhodebeck, N. Schwartz,
S. Wallace, P. Weber, C. Ziegler
Psychology: J. Brennan, B. Burns, P. DeMarco, S. Edgell, R. Lewine,
C. Manly, S. Meeks, D. Molfese, H. Petry, E. Ross
Theatre Arts: G. Brown, R. Frye, A. Harris, J. Tompkins
Women's Studies: K. Christopher, D. Heinecken, N. Theriot

Professor Harris, Chair, called the meeting to order.

The minutes of the meetings of September 19 and 25, October 2, 7, and 23, 2002, and January 23, 2003, were approved as distributed.

The Chair recognized Assistant Dean Taylor, who moved approval of the candidates for graduation for May 2003, pending successful completion of all requirements. The motion was seconded. The Chair put the question and the motion carried.

The Chair recognized Professor Julie Bunck who presented the Honors Advisory Committee's nomination of Olga F. Zhuraliova as the 2003 Woodcock Medalist.

The Chair opened the floor for nominations for Assembly Chairperson for AY 2003-2004, noting that he would decline to be re-nominated.

Professor Hall nominated Professor John Ferre, Department of Communication. The motion was seconded. There was a motion that nominations be closed, and Professor Ferre was elected by acclamation.

The Chair opened the floor for nominations for Assembly Parliamentarian for AY 2003-2004. Professor Dakan nominated Professor Dennis Hall. There was a motion that nominations be closed, and Professor Hall was elected by acclamation.

The Chair recognized Professor Polzer, who presented an amendment to the by-laws. The amendment would permit part-time faculty to serve on College committees and to represent the College on University bodies (eg, Faculty Senate). The motion was seconded.

Professor Laemmle moved to table the motion until the first regular business meeting of the next academic year. The motion was seconded. The motion carried.

The Chair then recognized Dean Brennan, who discussed the College's budget planning with the Assembly.