Faculty Assembly Minutes, October 23, 2002

College of Arts & Sciences


October 23, 2002

Registering Attendance:
Anthropology: E. Segal
Biology: J. Gulledge, M. Klotz
Classical and Modern Languages: W. Cunningham, A. Leidner, W. Pfeffer, L. Zeng
Communication: M. Cunningham, S. Esrock, J. Ferre, A. Futrell
English: D. Anderson, M. Biberman, A. Golding, D. Hall, S. Henke, D. Journet, C. Mattingly, S. Ryan, T. Van, B. Williams
History: A. Allen, T. Mackey
Humanities: A. Allen, E. Wise
Mathematics: K. Clancey, R. Davitt, L. Larson, T. Riedel
Pan-African Studies: F. Iyun, T. Rajack-Talley, B. Hudson
Philosophy: E. John, R. Kimball, A. Kolers, N. Potter
Physics: D. Brown
Political Science: J. Farrier, T. Gray, P. Laemmle, R. Payne, L. Rhodebeck
Psychology: J. Brennan, S. Meeks, E. Ross
Sociology: C. Talley, W. Usui
Theatre Arts: N. Burton, A. Harris, J. Tompkins
Women's Studies: K. Christopher, N. Theriot

Professor Harris, Chair, called the meeting to order.

The Chair recognized Professor Laemmle, who reviewed the changes to the by-laws and the standing rules as approved at previous meetings, including Professor Wise's proposal to reinstate language which preserved the divisional distinctions in committee membership.

The Chair recognized Professor Hall, who moved the addition of the following to the Standing Rules: "The Dean shall establish a regular meeting time for the Assembly for each academic year and distribute this time to the Divisions, Departments, and Programs of the College prior to the preparation of the schedule of courses for that year."

The motion was seconded.

Discussion included Professors Wise, Journet, Clancey, and Leuthart.

Hearing no call for further discussion, the Chair put the question and the motion carried.

The Chair declared that both documents (By-Laws and Standing Rules) were now before the Assembly in their entirety.

Discussion included Professors Hall and Laemmle.

The Chair recognized Professor Kolers, who moved that a non-voting junior faculty member be added to the Personnel Committee. The motion was seconded.

Discussion included Professors Hall, Kolers, and Wise.

Hearing no call for further discussion, the Chair put the question and the motion failed.

Hearing no call for further discussion on the By-Laws or Standing Rules, the chair put the question and the documents were approved unanimously, with editorial amendments as previously approved or as necessary to provide for correct numbering of items.

Hearing no call for new business, the chair declared the meeting adjourned.