Faculty Assembly Minutes, February 14, 2002

College of Arts & Sciences


February 14, 2002

Registering Attendance:
Biology: C. Covell, R. Fell, J. Jack, M. Klotz, M. Perlin, E. Wong
Class/Mod Languages: W. Cunningham, G. Hutcheson, M. Makris, M. Medina, W. Pfeffer, C. Pooser, R. Roebuck, L. Wagner, J. Winkler
Communication: J. Ferre, A. Futrell, J. Hart, G. Leichty, K. Walker, E. Warner, S. Willihnganz
English: D. Anderson, D. Billingsley, M. Bousquet, T. Byers, J. Dietrich, S. Griffin, P. Griner, D. Hall, S. Henke, C. Mattingly, K. Mullen, S. Ryan, P. Takayoshi, T. Van, J. Wolfe
Geog/Geos: W. Dakan, J. Hadizadeh, G. Lager, C. Leuthart
History: J. Cumbler, B. Harrison, W. Lee, T. Mackey, P. Sidelko, K. Spierling, L-S. Weissbach
Humanities: R. Hassan
Mathematics: G. Barnes, U. Darji, R. Davitt, I. Levi, R. McFadden, T. Riedel
Pan-African Studies: J. Carew, M. Dogbe, B. Hudson
Philosophy: E. John
Physics: D. Brown, S. Liu
Political Science: A. Caldwell, D. Clayton, J. Farrier, P. Laemmle, R. Payne, L. Rhodebeck, N. Schwartz, C. Ziegler
Psychology: J. Beggan, J. Brennan, M. Cunningham, S. Meeks, D. Molfese, E. Ross
Sociology: M. Austin, J. Busch, C. Negrey, H. Taniguchi
Theatre Arts: A. Harris, L. Thomas
Women's Studies: D. Heinecken, N. Theriot

The Chair called the Assembly to order at 3:10 pm.

The Chair recognized Professor Covell, who moved that the Assembly consider the proposed Personnel Policy seriatim. The motion was seconded. Hearing no call for discussion, the Chair put the question and the motion to discuss the document seriatim carried. [If a section is not listed below, that means that there was no discussion pertaining to it.]

1.1.B. Part-time Appointments:

The Chair recognized Professor Pfeffer who asked what would be the process of annual review for part-time faculty. Professor Weissbach responded that this was specified in the university-wide document.

Professor Ryan moved that part-time faculty be limited to 45 percent of the total number of appointments in the college. The motion was seconded.

Discussion included Professors Willihnganz, Dakan, Cumbler, Hall, Bosquet, Ferre, Pfeffer, Barnes, and Schwartz.

Hearing no call for further discussion, the Chair put the question and the motion failed.

1.2. Non-tenurable full-time appointments:

Discussion included Professors Mullen, Willihnganz, and Ferre.

Professor Covell moved to amend 1.2.A. Temporary Appointments by striking "other" in sentence 4. The motion failed for lack of a second.

1.2.B. Term Faculty Appointments:

Discussion included Professors Ryan, Molfese, Brennan, Lee, and Ferre.

The Chair recognized Professor Bosquet who moved that 1.2.B.3 be returned to the Personnel Committee for clarification of how this measurement [limit of term faculty to fewer than 20% of the total number of probationary and tenured appointments] shall be made (by FTE, etc) and for thoughtful relation to the SACS limit on part-time faculty.

Discussion included Professors Billingsley, Ferre, and Weissbach.

Hearing no call for further discussion, the Chair put the question and the motion failed.


Discussion included Professors Hall, Pffeffer, Dakan, Ferre, Billingsley, and Mullen.


Discussion included Professors Hall and Weissbach.

1.2.B.8. & .9:

Discussion included Professors John, Ferre, and Weissbach.


Discussion included Professors Pfeffer, Molfese, Hall, and Ziegler.

The Assembly recessed until 3:00 pm, Monday, February 18.