Faculty Assembly Minutes, February 12, 2002

College of Arts & Sciences


February 12, 2002

Registering Attendance:
Anthropology: L. Markowitz, J. Peteet
Biology: J. Alexander, C. Covell, R. Fell, J. Jack, M. Perlin, D. Schultz
Chemistry: B. Buchanan, F. Luzzio, J. Richardson, C. Trapp
Class/Mod Languages: R. Buchanan, W. Cunningham, J. Greene, G. Hutcheson, R. Luginbill, M. Makris, A. Mastri, M. Medina, F. Neussel, W. Pfeffer, C. Pooser, R. Roebuck, L. Wagner, J. Winkler
Communication: M. D'Silva, J. Ferre, A. Futrell, J. Hart, G. Leichty, K. Walker, S. Willihnganz
English: D. Anderson, M. Bousquet, T. Byers, J. Dietrich, S. Griffin, P. Griner, D. Hall, S. Henke, C. Mattingly, K. Mullen, S. Ryan, P. Takayoshi, T. Van, A. Willey
Fine Arts: M. Carothers, M. Eckert, L. Gigante
Geog/Geos: J. Anderson, W. Dakan, J. Hadizadeh, G. Lager, C. Leuthart
History: B. Beattie, J. Cumbler, C. Ehrick, W. Lee, T. Mackey, J. McLeod, K. Spierling, L-S. Weissbach
Humanities: A. Allen, K. Gray, R. Hassan, E. Wise
Justice Administration: T. Hughes, R. Tewksbury, W. Walsh, D. Wilson
Mathematics: G. Barnes, K. Clancey, R. Davitt, A. Kezdy, L. Larson, I. Levi, T. Riedel, P. Sahoo
Pan-African Studies: J. Carew, M. Dogbe, B. Hudson, F. Iyun, T. Rajack-Talley
Philosophy: E. John, R. Kimball, A. Kolers, T. Maloney, D. Masolo, O. Wiggins
Physics: J. Chalmers, S. Liu
Political Science: A. Caldwell, D. Clayton, J. Farrier, D. Imbroscio, S. Matarese, R. Payne, L. Rhodebeck, R. Vogel, P. Weber, C. Ziegler
Psychology: J. Beggan, J. Brennan, E. Essock, S. Meeks, D. Molfese, E. Ross
Sociology: L. Akers, M. Austin, J. Busch, M. Evans-Andriss, H. Taniguchi, W. Usui
Theatre Arts: G. Brown, N. Burton, A. Harris, L. Thomas, R. Vandenbroucke
Women's Studies: D. Heinecken, N. Theriot

The Chair called the Assembly to order at 3:10.

The Chair reported that at its last meeting the Assembly had risen from Committee of the Whole, having adopted recommendations to:

  • move the adoption of all amendments to the original report of the Ad Hoc Committee.
  • move acceptance of the order used in Redbook 4 for the ordering of topics in the A&S; personnel policy.
  • move that Redbook-mandated changed be considered non-debatable.

The Chair put the question on the motion to adopt the report of the Committee of the Whole. The motion carried.

The Chair stated that the business on the floor was now the report of the Ad Hoc Committee, as amended.

Professor Cumbler moved that the Assembly move to Committee of the Whole. The motion was seconded. The motion carried.

Following discussion, Professor Byers moved that the Committee of the Whole rise and report to the Assembly the faculty's interest in a step-scale and mandate the Personnel Committee to bring a draft to the House, based on Professor Cumbler's document, by February 26.

The Committee rose and the Chair reported that the Personnel Committee had been charged to work with Professor Cumbler to prepare a draft of a step-scale policy for section 2.1 of the proposed Personnel Policy, for consideration by the Assembly on Febuary 26.

The Chair recessed the Assembly until 3:00 pm Thursday, February 14.