A&S Faculty Assembly Minutes April 10 2001

College of Arts & Sciences


April 10, 2001

Registering Attendance:
Anthropology: J. Peteet, E. Segal
Biology: C. Covell, R. Fell, J. Steffen
Chemistry: G. Pack
CML: A. Cedeno, J. Cross, W. Cunningham, J. Greene, A. Leidner, R. Luginbill, M. Makris, A. Mastri, W. Pfeffer, C. Pooser, R. Roebuck, W. Yoder
Communication: J. Hart
English: M. Biberman, J. Dietrich, D. Hall, D. Journet, R. Miller, S. Ryan
Geog/Geos: J. Anderson, C. Leuthart
History: J. Cumbler, T. Mackey, J. Mcleod, P. Sidelko, L.S. Weissbach
Humanities: K. Gray, M. Stenger, E. Wise
Mathematics: G. Barnes, M. Das, R. Davitt, M. Jacobson, I. Levi, B. Powers, T. Riedel, W. Williams
Pan African Studies: J. Carew, S. Herlin, B. Hudson, R. Jones, T. Rajack-Talley
Philosophy: R. Kimball, A. Kolers, T. Maloney, O. Wiggins
Political Science: D. Clayton, P. Laemmle, R. Payne, L. Rhodebeck, N. Schwartz, P. Weber, C. Ziegler
Psych & Brain Science: S. Meeks, J. Brennan
Sociology: W. Usui
Theatre Arts: G. Brown, N. Burton, A. Harris, M. Hottois, D. Thomas
Women's Studies: N. Theriot

Professor Harris, Chair, called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m.

The minutes of the Assembly of November 29, 2000, were approved as distributed.

Professor Bert Harris and Professor Dennis Hall were unanimously elected Chair and Parliamentarian respectively of the Assembly for AY 2001-2002.

The list of candidates for May 2001 graduation was approved, pending successful completion of all requirements.

Professor Thomas Riedel on behalf of the Honors Advisory Committee nominated Vera Abdomerovic for the 2001 Woodcock Medal. Ms. Abdomerovic was approved unanimously.

The Planning and Budget Committee recommended the following:

"That the position of Division Chair for the Social Science and Natural Science Divisions, as defined in Section X.A. of the College constitution, be left vacant for a period of time not to exceed five years, and that the Dean, in consultation with the department chairs of the divisions involved, be empowered to appoint individuals to coordinate the activities of these divisions as necessary. The individuals so appointed would hold the title 'Coordinator.'"

Discussion included Professors Barnes, Miller, Weissbach, T. Maloney, and Dean Brennan.

Hearing no call for further discussion, the chair put the question and the motion carried.

The Curriculum Committee and the Planning and Budget Committee, having reviewed the proposal for a M.A. in Pan African Studies, moved its approval.

Discussion included Professors Barnes, Stenger, Wise, Hudson, Pfeffer, Weissbach, and Journet.

Hearing no call for further discussion, the chair put the question and the motion carried.

The Chair recognized Dean James Brennan, who discussed a number of issues relating to personnel matters, including the variability in standards of evaluation across departments. He stated that in the fall, he would appoint an ad hoc committee with representation from among the department chairs, and the Personnel and Planning and Budget Committees to suggest revisions in the annual personnel reviews.

Discussion included Professors Wise, Herlin, Hall, Weissbach, Cumbler, and Covell.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:51 p.m.