Faculty Assembly Minutes, April 29, 1997




April 29, 1997
Registering Attendance:Anthropology:                   J. Granger, R. Kelly, R. Reid, E. Segal
        Biology:                        W. Davis, A. Karpoff, W. Pearson, D. Rountree
        Chemistry:                      J. Richardson, G. Taylor
        CML:                            W. Cunningham, J. Garcia-Varela, J. Greene, A. Greenfeld, S. Jourdain, 
                                                A. Leidner, B. Luginbill, A. Mastri, W. Pfeffer
        Communication:                  R. Diggs, M. D'Silva, B. Hanke, 
                                                G. Leichty, R. Tardy, S. Willihnganz
        English:                        D. Anderson, D. Billingsley, T. Byers, K. Chandler, M. Flannery, S.        
                                                Henke, D. Journet, D. Hall, R. Miller, M. Rosner, T. Van
        Fine Arts:                      S. Maloney, S. Mitchell
        Geography/Geosciences:          B. Dakan, D. Howarth, C. Leuthart, D. Spetz, 
                                                J. Anderson, J. Hadizadeh, D. Bierman
        History:                        B. Adams, A. Allen, B. Beattie, S. Broadhead, L. Curry, E. Fernandez, 
                                                B. Harrison, T. K'Meyer, T. Mackey, J. 
                                                McCarthy, J. McLeod, J. Morrill, K. Spiers, N. 
                                                Theriot, B. Tyler
        Humanities:                     M. Stenger, E. Wise
        Justice Administration:         T. Edwards, D. Wilson
        Mathematics:                    G. Barnes, R. Davitt, M. Jacobson, A. Kezdy, 
                                                E. Kubicka, G. Kubicki, J. Lehel, I. Levi, R. 
                                                McFadden, F. McMorris, T. Riedel, P. Sahoo
        Pan African Studies:            C. Cummings, B. Hudson, Y. Jones, R. Jones
        Philosophy:                     P. Alperson, J. Flodstrom, M. Greer, R. 
                                                Kimball, T. Maloney
        Physics:                        D. Brown
        Political Science:              D. Clayton, S. Edwards, M. Hawkesworth, D. 
                                                Imbroscio, L. Jones, P. Laemmle, R. Payne, J. 
                                                Shadforth, P. Weber, C. Ziegler
        Psychology:                     J. Aponte
        Sociology:                      J. Busch, J. Rieger, M. Wenger
        Theatre Arts:                   G. Brown, A. Harris, M. Hottois, D. Palmer, J. 
                                                Tompkins, T. Wheeler
        Guests:                         D. Baugh, J. Berman, R. Taylor

The minutes of the meeting of April 8, 1997, were approved as distributed. 

The Chair recognized Professor Morrill, Chair of the Curriculum and Standards 
Committee.  Professor Morrill, seconded by the committee, moved to admit on 
provisional status students who do not meet the current A&S; minimum admission 
standards but do meet minimum University admission standards (currently a high 
school GPA of 2.25 on a 4.0 scale OR an ACT score of 16); and who also either 
declare interest in majoring in an A&S; discipline or identify no degree 

The recommendation also stated that the action, which would be effective for 
students admitted Fall 1998, be contingent upon all of the following:

        a.      action by the Schools of Business, Education, Engineering, and 
                Music to admit on provisional status students who do not meet their respective 
                minimum admission standards but do meet minimum University admission standards 
                and declare interest in majoring within those respective Schools.

        b.      University commitment to the College of new instructional and 
                advising resources judged to be sufficient by the Dean and Faculty of the College.

        c.      College control over content of developmental courses.

        d.      College control over appointment of instructional personnel in 
                developmental courses.

        e.      College control over standards that will enable a student to 
                advance from provisional status.

        f.      College control over standards for dismissal and readmission 
                of provisional students.

The Chair recognized Professor Hall who moved amendment of item "c." to read 
"content, pedagogy, and administration...."  The motion was seconded.

Discussion included Professors Wenger and Curry.  The recently reported 
decision to transfer responsibility for some University of Louisville remedial 
activities to Jefferson Community College was raised.

Professor Curry moved to table the motion until the broader discussion of the 
proposal was completed.  Hearing no objection, the Chair declared the motion 

Discussion included Professors Jacobson, Howarth, and Wilson.  Professor 
Wilson clarified that the cooperative proposal with JCC affects only a small 
group of UofL students who do not meet general University admission 
requirements (those who are admitted through the "test-in" option, 
approximately 50 per year).

Further discussion included Professors Segal, Williams, Morrill, Roberts, 
Curry, Byers, Hudson, Spezt, and Jacobson.

The Chair requested and received a recess from the discussion to recognize 
President John Shumaker.  President Shumaker announced the appointment of Dr. 
Randy Moore as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, effective July 1.

Upon conclusion of President Shumaker's announcement, the Chair sought and 
received unanimous consent to resume debate on the motion.

Professor Hall's motion to amend item "c" was removed from the table.

Professor Curry moved to amend Professor Hall's motion by substitution, 
replacing "control over content of developmental courses" with "control over 
developmental activities."  Professor Curry's motion was seconded.

The motion to amend by substitution carried.

The Chair stated that discussion was now open on the original motion to amend 
item "c.," the language being that of Professor Curry's substitute motion.

Discussion included Professors Byers, Curry, and Howarth.

Hearing no further discussion, the Chair put the question and the motion to 
amend carried.

Professor Curry then moved the amendment of item "d." to read "appointment of 
personnel engaged in developmental course activities."  The Chair put the 
question and the motion to amend carried.

Hearing no further motions for amendment, the Chair declared the motion, as 
amended, open for discussion.  Discussion included Professors McCarthy, Curry, 
Wenger, Perlin, Theriot, Hudson, Billingsley, and Jacobson.

Hearing no call for further discussion, the Chair put the question and the 
motion as amended carried.

Hearing no call for new business, the Chair adjourned the meeting at 2:30 pm.