Faculty Assembly Meeting, Sept 9 1998

College of Arts & Sciences


September 9, 1998

Registering Attendance:
Aerospace Science: K. Lester, M. Shirley
Anthropology: J. Peteet, E. Segal
Biology: J. Alexander, R. Atlas, D. Rountree, R. Fell, J. Jack, M. Klotz, R. Moore, W. Pearson
Chemistry: J. Richardson
CML: H. Altman, A. Cedeno, S. Cro, W. Cunningham, C. Dickey, J. Greene, A. Greenfeld, N. Lopez, R. Luginbill, G. Mastri, M. Ortiz, W. Pfeffer, G. Zinn
Communication: S. Esrock, J. Hart, G. Leichty, S. Willihnganz
English: D. Billingsley, T. Byers, J. Dietrich, D. Hall, S. Henke, D. Journet, K. Mullen
Fine Arts: M. Carothers, M. Eckert, J. Grubola
History: B. Adams, A. Allen, J. Cumbler, A. McElderry, B. Harrison, T. K'Meyer, C. Knott, T. Mackey, J. McLeod, B. Tyler, L. Weissbach
Humanities: E. Rabin, M. Stenger, E. Wise
Mathematics: J. Akeroyd, M. Cropper, M. Das, R. Davitt, U. Darji, F. Jordan, K. Kearnes
Pan African Studies R. Douglas, B. Hudson, F. Iyun, Y. Jones
Philosophy: J. Flodstrom, N. Hancock, T. Maloney
Political Science: A. Hashim, S. Matarese, R. Payne, L. Rhodebeck, N. Schwartz, R. Vogel, C. Ziegler
Psychology: J. Beggan, S. Edgell, E. Essock, J. Pani
Sociology: C. Negrey
Theatre Arts: G. Brown, A. Harris
Women's Studies: S. Herlin, L. Hoffman-Jeep, A. Pattatucci

Professor Billingsley, chairing the meeting in the absence of Professor Harris, called the Assembly to order at 3:15 pm.

The minutes of the meeting of April 13, 1998, were approved as distributed.

The chair sought and received unanimous consent to leave on the table the proposal from the Curriculum Committee regarding the criteria for the cross-cultural area in general education.

The chair recognized Professor Schwartz, chair of the Planning and Budget Committee, who moved, seconded by the committee, proposed changes to the description of the committee's function and procedures in the College's Standing Rules for Operating Committees.

Discussion inlcuded Professors Hall, T. Maloney, and Edgell.

Professor Edgell moved to strike item 2.(c) of the description of committee structure. Discussion included Professor Schwartz.

Hearing no call for further discussion, the chair put the question on the motion to strike. The motion failed.

Hearing no call for further discussion, the chair put the question on the motion as presented in the committee recommendation. The motion carried.

Professor Billingsley relinquished the chair to Professor Harris.

The chair recognized department chairs, who introduced new faculty members.

The chair recognized Dean Randy Moore for remarks on the challenges and opportunities facing the College. Following his remarks, the Dean took questions.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:25 pm.

A reception honoring new faculty was held immediately following the Assembly.