2015 College of Arts & Sciences Awards

Congratulations to this year's honorees: Jasmine Farrier, Gung-Min Gie, James Grubola, Delin Lai, and Charles Ziegler. Additionally, this year we honored our retiring faculty and many others who have dedicated over 25 years of service to the college.
2015 College of Arts & Sciences Awards

The College of Arts and Sciences is home to outstanding faculty and staff, and each year we recognize the level of commitment and the accomplishments of some of our best and brightest.

A&S Award Honorees

    Jasmine Farrier, Political Science
    A&S Distinguished Service Award for Service to the University

    Gung-Min Gie, Mathematics
    Victor A. Olorunsola Endowed Research Award for Young Scholars

    James Grubola, Fine Arts
    A&S Distinguished Teaching Award for Full-time Teaching

    Delin Lai, Fine Arts
    A&S Outstanding Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity Award in Humanities

    Charles Ziegler, Political Science
    A&S Distinguished Service Award for a Career of Service


    A&S Retiring Faculty

      Professor Annette Allen, Humanities

      Professor John Cumbler, History

      Professor Linda M. Gigante, Fine Arts

      Professor Lida Gordon, Fine Arts

      Professor Robert Kimball, Philosophy

      Professor Jeffrey Skinner, English

      Professor Lee Shai Weissbach, History


      Years of Faculty Service

        Each year the College of Arts & Sciences honors the steadfast dedication the A&S faculty and staff have to the University, the College and their individual departments. They give countless hours in service to the community, put on literally hundreds of lectures, symposiums, conferences, workshops, performances and exhibits, and obtain millions of dollars in research funding. At the heart of it all, however, is a collective commitment to the educational well-being of our approximately 9,000 students.

        This year, 16 different faculty members from 10 different departments who together have put in a whopping 495 years of service were recognized for their hard work and commitment to the College of Arts & Sciences, and the University of Louisville./


        25 years of Service

        Joy Lynn Hart, Communication/Director of the University Honors Program

        Ewa Kubicka, Mathematics

        Grzegorz Kubicki, Mathematics

        Thomas Riedel, Mathematics Chair

        Wei-Bin Zeng, Mathematics

        30 Years of Service

        John P. Ferré, Communication

        John C. Morrison>, Physics & Astronomy


        William M. Pierce, Jr. Chemistry


        Nancy M. Theriot, Women’s & Gender Studies Chair


        Bruce M. Tyler, History


        Shirley C. Willihnganz, Communication


        35 Years of Service


        Wendy E. Pfeffer, Classical & Modern Languages/Associate Dean for Graduate Education


        James T. Grubola, Fine Arts


        Yvonne V. Jones, Anthropology

        Frank Nuessel, Classical & Modern Languages

        40 Years of Service

        Charles E. Ziegler, Political Science