Visiting Student Letter

How to get a visiting student letter (letter of good standing)

A visiting student letter (VSL) allows you to take a class at another University, and transfer it back to UofL. In order to take a class outside of UofL you must get a visiting student letter before you take the course. You can get a VSL from the advisor on call in A&S Advising at 502 852-5502 or come to Gardiner Hall.  Other schools may refer to this as a letter of good standing.

Step one: Before you ask for the visiting student letter - you must have already been advised and / or know which class you want to take.

Step two: After that please look the course equivalency up here:
The above website will tell you how the class will transfer back to UofL from the other school.

(It does not tell you how a class will transfer from UofL to other Universities).

Step three: Next you should look up the times and dates of the class you want to take at the other institution.  Most schools have an area on their website called “Current Students” where you can often find the course schedule for the upcoming semester.  Here is an example:

Step four: You should call the visiting school and ask them how to be admitted as a visiting student. You will also need to contact financial aid to see if your financial aid will apply.  You will pay the tuition rate of the visiting school.

Step five: The next step is to either come to Gardiner Hall (near Ekstrom Library) or call 502-852-5502 and ask the advisor on call to write a visiting student letter for you. 

Step six: Once the visiting student letter has been completed - a copy will be emailed to you.  The official visiting student letter will be sent to the visiting school.

Step seven: Contact the visiting school for instructions on how to register for classes at their College or University (it will probably be a system similar to Ulink).

Step eight: After you have completed and passed the course - please have the registrar’s office at the visiting school send an official transcript to UofL.  We will not have a record of you having taken the course until we get the official transcript.
If you are close to graduation you will also want to notify your UofL advisor that you have completed the course.

If you have any questions please call 502 852-5502 and ask to speak with the advisor on call.