University brand standards for the College of Arts and Sciences 2012: guidelines and requirements for use of A&S logo and letterhead, stationery, brochures and materials. Includes templates and links to resources from OCM and Print Services.

University Branding and A&S Standards 2012

As part of the university's 2012 brand "refresh" and updated brand standards, the College of Arts and Sciences has compiled this page as a central resource of branding information for departments and A&S Centers and Institutes.

A&S Secondary logo and alternate logo

In keeping with university brand standards, The Office of Communication and Marketing has provided A&S and all Board-approved Centers and Institutes with new "secondary logos" and "secondary alternate logos" as seen below. A&S is no longer permitted to use the A&S graphic icon in connection with the university logo. The icon may be used on materials as a graphic element separate from the official logo. For example, a college flyer or brochure may include the A&S icon, so long as it is not tied to the official A&S logos as indicated below.

A&S Secondary Logo

A&S logo 2012

A&S Secondary Alternate Logo


A&S secondary alt logo


A&S Icon - allowed to be used as a graphic element on materials, but not part of the A&S or UofL logos


A&S icon

Old A&S logo  -- NOT permitted for use on any materials:

AS logo no-no


NOTE: The ampersand is now incorporated into the A&S logo, but in all written text and body copy, the word "and" should be used rather than an ampersand.

A&S Letterhead and Stationery Requirements

A&S Departments, Centers, and Institutes

As a brand standard within the College of Arts and Sciences, Dean Hudson requires that all future letterhead and stationery for all A&S departments and Centers and Institutes must include "College of Arts and Sciences" in text or graphic form in the stationery layout.  This requirement is one tool to help make the connection between the College and our departments and centers.

Departments, Centers and Institutes with their own logo have several options for incorporating "College of Arts and Sciences" into the design:

Center/Institute logo at the top left
Name of the Center/Institute spelled out at the top right;
"College of Arts and Sciences" appears in the university address line at the bottom of the page.

Center/Institute logo at the top left
Top right is left blank
"College of Arts and Sciences" appears in the university address line at the bottom of the page.


If you have an immediate need to reorder stationery before the options are posted here, please contact Brian Heckel ( Anne Domeck (, 852-2235) to discuss available options.