MENTOR ONLY Application for Mentored Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Grant

* Use this application ONLY if you are a mentor in search of a mentee.

Please read carefully:
We are using Handshake through the University Career Center (UCC) to match mentors with UG student researchers. We will post the description of your research project on Handshake and it will be available to UG students who are looking for a research opportunity. When you submit this application, the information you provide will be sent to the UCC and posted on Handshake automatically. When an UG student is interested in the research project, they will contact you through Handshake. When the UG contacts you, the two of you can determine if you want to work together. If so, and you want to apply for an award, submit a TEAM APPLICATION.

Summer 2022 Timeline:

  1. Post your research opportunity on Handshake between Friday, 11 March and Wednesday, 20 April 2022.
  2. UG students will have until 4 May to respond to the Handshake information
  3. You have until Monday, 16 May to submit your Team application (Team applications are due by midnight on 16 May)
General area  

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For each of the following prompts, use language that is appropriate for the undergraduate level, non-expert.
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STUDENTS Students: If you receive an award, the funds will go to your university’s account in the bursar’s office. This award can be combined with other institutional aid up to the university’s total standard direct cost of attendance plus a stipend. Items in the standard direct cost include regular in-state tuition, average room, board, and average book costs. The University of Louisville is required to adhere to all federal, state, and institutional guidelines. If your aid package is adjusted as a result, you will receive notification in your university email. Policy information is available on-line at
STAFF Staff: If you receive an award the funds will be considered additional pay. As per university policies, we are no longer able to send the award funds to a department. If you have questions or concerns about receipt of funding please contact: