Rising Cards

UofL is excited to offer incoming freshmen the opportunity to jump start their UofL education through summer classes enhanced by the learning opportunities offered by the Adobe Suite of Creative Cloud apps.
  • Students will be able to select up to two courses that meet Cardinal Core (general education) requirements with experienced online instructors who incorporate the creative and analytical possibilities of Adobe Creative Cloud into their core assignments.

  • Applicable to UofL Cardinal Core for any major

  • Students will gain an all-access license to a suite of Adobe apps that will help them in future coursework.  

  • Students will have an advisor for the program who can help answer any questions about adjusting to UofL, course work, and best online learning practices. This will transition into face-to-face and on-campus experiences for fall 2020.


Course Options: 

  • ENGL 101.52  Intermediate to College Writing--WC (offered 6/2 - 8/11)
  • ENGL 102.56  Intermediate College Writing--WC (offered 6/2 - 8/11)
  • HUM 216.50  Intro to World Religions—AHD2 (offered 6/2 - 8/11)
  • MUH 218.50  Survey of American Jazz (offered 6/2 - 7/7)
  • CJ 200.50  Crime and Justice in the US—SB (offered 7/8 - 8/11)
  • COMM 201.50  Introduction to Communications—SB (offered 6/2 - 7/23)
  • COMM 111.62  Public Speaking--OC (offered 6/2 - 8/11)
  • COMM 111.63  Public Speaking--OC (offered 6/2 - 8/11)
  • BIO 102.50  Issues and Applications* (offered 6/2 - 7/7*Not approved Cardinal Core course for all programs, please check with your advisor.


Interested?  Contact your academic advisor for more information and to register.

This summer, all of our classes will be online and available to in-state students for the regular tuition rate of $489 per credit hour and to out-of-state students at the rate of $539 per credit hour.

Students taking two or more courses during summer term are eligible for summer financial aid.


If you have not submitted your application to UofL, apply now.

If you have applied to UofL, but have decided to attend elsewhere, you can still take advantage of Rising Cards.  Please e-mail or call 502.852.6531 for assistance.