Cardinal Principles Essay

The University of Louisville follows a set of guiding principles that shape our community and our actions.

Every member of the University of Louisville family is expected to follow these Cardinal PrinciplesReflect on one to two of these and describe how an experience from your life will guide you as a future Cardinal and also how you will contribute to the Cardinal community. (One to two pages, double-spaced)

Reviewers will be scoring based on the following:

  • Clear and focused ideas that communicate the purpose of the essay throughout
  • Relevant evidence to support the purpose of the essay
  • Clearly explained evidence that provides insightful connection to the cardinal principle(s)
  • Personal writing correctly connected to the topic creating a clear sense of the writer’s experience
  • Writing relevant to the essay topic and presented in a logical order
  • Minimal writing errors that distract the reader from understanding your essay


Tips for essay submission:

  • This is your opportunity to tell the reader your story and why you want to become a Louisville Cardinal.
  • Develop an outline to organize your essay. If possible don’t type your essay directly into the text box. Start writing your essay in a word document and copy it into the text box.
  • Make sure you answer the question.
  • Proofread your essay for spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes.
  • Ask another person to review your essay.