Residency Policy

The initial determination of residency status is made by the institution during the admission process, and is based on information available in the admission record. A review of the determination of residency status may be requested by the student, the institution, or the Council on Postsecondary Education.

The residency status of a student is determined according to the Residency Regulation, 13 KAR 2:045, Determination of Residency Status for Admission and Tuition Assessment Purposes [the link is:] at state-supported institutions of higher education in the state of Kentucky.

The domicile and residency of a dependent person, as defined in Section 5 of the Residency Regulation, and pursuant to Section 6 is that of the parent(s). The domicile and residency of an independent person or an independent married person is determined by provisions set forth in Section 10 of the Residency Regulation.

Military Personnel

If you, your spouse, or parent (if dependent) are currently stationed in Kentucky on military active duty for purposes other than education, please submit a copy of the military orders, lease or deed showing your Kentucky address and evidence of dependent status (a military dependent identification card or birth/marriage certificate).

If you are a Kentucky resident inducted into the military from the state of Kentucky and have been recently discharged and you return to Kentucky within six months of the date of discharge, please attach a copy of your military discharge papers (DD-214), a copy of your State of Legal Residence Certificate (DD-2058) verifying Kentucky has been your home of record, and a copy of your lease or deed showing your Kentucky address.

Indiana Tuition Reciprocity

The University of Louisville is participating in an Indiana Tuition Reciprocity Program for residents of Clark, Crawford, Floyd, Harrison, Perry, Scott and Washington counties who have been admitted directly into an approved program. Eligible participants are required to notify the Undergraduate Admissions Office prior to their first enrollment and the Registrar's Office after their first enrollment of any changes in their enrollment status, if they no longer live in one of the eligible counties, or no longer in an eligible program. The University reserves the right to investigate and require verifiable documentation of eligibility for Indiana tuition reciprocity. Indiana Reciprocity does not apply to Professional Schools at the University of Louisville.

Residency Information

Pursuant to Section 12 of 13 KAR 2:045, a student is responsible for questioning their residency determination in a timely manner. For a copy of the Residency Regulation, 13 KAR 2:045, important guidelines regarding the appeal process, the appeal packet, and deadlines to submit an appeal, please visit the Residency website at

The Residency Regulation and the appeal packet may also be found in the Office of Admissions, the lobby of the Houchens Building, and the Registrar's Office.