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Recent Faculty Publications

Dr. Jason Abbott, "China and the Internet: Great Firewall or Panopticon?"  Asia Dialogue (2018)

Dr. Laurie Rhodebeck, Dr. Jason Gainous, Dr. Tricia Gray, "Partisan Values and Gay Rights: Public Opinion about Employment Nondiscrimination." Politics (2018)

Dr. Charles Ziegler, "International Dimensions of Electoral Processes: Russia, the USA, and the 2016 Elections"  International Politics (2018)

Dr. Adam Enders and Miles T. Armaly, "The Differential Effects of Actual and Perceived Polarization"  Political Behavior (2018)

Dr. Laura Moyer and Ellen Key, "Political Opportunism, Position Taking, and Court-curbing Legislation"Justice System Journal (2018)

Dr. Tricia Gray "South-South Cooperation in the World Trade Organization's Dispute Settlement Body"Journal of Global South Studies (2018)

Dr. Jason Gainous, Dr. Jason Abbott, and Kevin Wagner, "Traditional Versus Internet Media in a Restricted Information Environment: How Trust in the Medium Matters" Political Behavior (2018)

Dr. Dewey Clayton, “Black Lives Matter and the Civil Rights Movement:  A Comparative Analysis of Two Social Movements in the United States" Journal of Black Studies (2018)

Dr. Steven Brooke and Neil Ketchley, "Social and Institutional Origins of Political Islam"  American Political Science Review (2018)

Dr. Tricia Gray, Dr. Jason Gainous, and Dr. Laurie Rhodebeck, "Partisan Values and Gay Rights: Public Opinion about Employment Nondiscrimination."Politics (2018)

Student Guide

Political Science is a dynamic department at UofL with 400+ majors and 20 full-time faculty. We boast small class sizes (with very few of them taught by part-time faculty), the largest number of students winning Fulbrights and other national awards, and half of the faculty in the department nominated as “Faculty Favorites” this year.
We offer students the opportunity to participate in hands-on internships, meet with nationally-known experts in political science, and work closely with our productive faculty in research. Many of our majors go on to have successful careers in government, international affairs, nongovernmental organizations, business, academia, and media.

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The B.A. in Political Science prepares students for a wide range of careers in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. The major incorporates the all five traditional fields in Political Science with more class choices than any other track.
The B.A. with a concentration in Applied Politics prepares students for hands-on careers in public service, campaigns, and government relations. Students learn about political institutions, political behavior, and political identities. Along the way, students get the tools to put that knowledge to work in internships and other applied settings.
The B.A. with a concentration in Global Politics and International Affairs prepares students for careers with an international component, whether in the public, private, or non-profit sectors. Students can explore interests in foreign policy, international law, security, and particular regions of the world, among other topics.
The B.S. with a concentration in Law and Public Policy prepares students for a wide range of careers in public policy, politics, law, public service, as well as the private sector. Students take classes that emphasize topics in law, jurisprudence, and public policy.
If you are pursuing another major, but still have an interest in political science, we offer a political science minor that gives you an opportunity to experience key subfields of the discipline.

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The MA program in Political Science trains students as analytical social scientists and broadens their understanding of domestic and international politics.
Traditional MA - students take courses covering the range of subfields in political science, including American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Public Policy. They also learn to conduct political science research and take electives tailored to their interests.
MA with Digital Politics Concentration - students not only get broad training in the discipline, but also take courses focusing on the intersection of information technology and politics. This concentration is particularly suited to students seeking to gain hands-on, practical skills and experiences in areas such as online campaigns and e-government.
Accelerated BA/MA - The accelerated BA/MA program allows students to get a head start on the MA degree while completing their BA or BS in Political Science. This option allows students to finish the MA degree in three semesters after finishing their BA/BS in Political Science.
Joint JD/MA degree program - Students in the JD/MA program must complete 81 hours in the JD curriculum at the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law (instead of the normal 90 hours) and either 21 hours in the MA curriculum (instead of the normal 30 hours) for the Thesis Option or 27 hours in the MA curriculum (instead of the normal 36 hours) for the Non-thesis Option.

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A degree in political science provides strong preparation for a wide range of careers. Our UofL graduates go on to challenging jobs in government, campaigns, the nonprofit sector, law, public policy, academics, and business, both in the U.S. and abroad. The first stop for students who want to explore their career options with a bachelor's degree in political science is the Career Development Center. The UofL Career Development Center supports students from their freshman year to their senior year and beyond with career assessments, advising, job and internship postings, resume and interview help, special events and more.

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