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Recent Faculty Research

Dr. Laura Moyer has been awarded a multi-year grant from the National Science Foundation for "Collaborative Research: Judicial Diversity and Appellate Decision Making." (2017)

Dr. Dewey Clayton and Sean Welch; “Post-racial America and the Presidency of Barack Obama,”Endarch:  Journal of Black Political Research (2016)  

Dr. Melissa Merry; "Making Friends and Enemies on Social Media: The Case of Gun Policy Organizations."Emerald Insight (2016)

Dr. Jason Gainous, Kevin M. Wagner, and Dr. Tricia J. Gray; “Internet Freedom and Social Media Effects: Democracy and Citizen Attitudes in Latin America.”Online Information Review 40 (5): 712-738. (2016)

Dr. Jason Gainous, and Allison M. Martens;  “Civic Education: Do Liberals do it Better?”Journal of Political Ideologies 21 (3): 261-279. (2016)

Dr. Charles E. Ziegler; "Bringing Order Out of Chaos: Russia's Aspirations to Greatness,"Asia Policy, (2016)

Dr. Charles E. Ziegler; "Contesting the Responsibility to Protect,"International Studies Perspectives, (2016)

Dr. Jasmine Farrier; Judicial Restraint and the New War PowersPresidential Studies Quarterly 46(2): 387-410 (2016)

Dr. Rodger A. Payne;  Laughing off a Zombie Apocalypse: The Value of Comedic and Satirical Narratives. International Studies Perspectives, (2016)


Political Science In The Media

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The director of U of L's center for Asian Democracy, Jason Abbott, talks about North Korea's Sabre Rattling, its leaders and life in North Korea.

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Don't Open Pandora’s Box

Dr. Laura Moyer discusses Trump and the courts with Mark Hebert, host of UofL Today

Trump and the courts


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