Why Political Science at UofL

We are a dynamic department at UofL with 400+ majors and 17 full-time faculty. We offer four different degree options to pick from based off your interests. 

The Department of Political Science is dedicated to helping students build resumes while they earn their degrees. We encourage students to seek out a diverse set of courses that bring the "real world" into everything we teach: campaigns and elections, the Presidency and Congress, civil rights, terrorism and war, constitutional law, environmental policy, religion and politics, urbanization, and international relations.

Political Science students have a well-earned reputation as campus leaders in the Student Government Association and interns who make a difference in Louisville, Frankfort, Washington DC, and beyond. Each year, Political Science boasts more Fulbright and Truman scholarships (among other prestigious national and international awards) than any other department on campus. We have approximately 450 students across our BA, BS, and MA degrees.

Political Science faculty and staff have been recognized repeatedly for our above-and beyond dedication to teaching, research, and service in the College of Arts and Sciences. Recent faculty achievements also include Fulbright research and teaching fellowships, a major National Science Foundation grant, the U of L Trustees Award, the American Political Science Association's annual Distinguished Teaching Award, regional and national advising awards, and a host of best book and paper honors from professional associations.

Our graduates go on to high-profile jobs in government, campaigns, nonprofit, law, public policy, academia, media, and business, both in the U.S. and abroad. Political Science students have an edge in the job market because of their ability to write, analyze, and research problems and issues from a variety of perspectives.

For more information about our undergraduate program contact our Faculty Undergraduate Advisor