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For almost a decade, , Associate Professor of Political Science and Faculty Advisor to the UNA at UofL, has coordinated teams of delegates to participate in a regional Model UN. Sponsored by the Indiana Consortium of International Program, the Model UN brings together regional universities that convene 60-100 students every year. Students act as delegates who represent countries on the UN Security Council. The model simulated the proceedings of the UN Security Council which assesses security threats and international crises in order to discuss and debate what role the body should take. Over the years we have debated and passed resolutions on a broad range of international issues, such as Israeli-Palestinian conflicts, peacekeeping missions in the Democratic Republic of Congo, refugees crises and nuclear arms control.

Who are We?

UNA-USA at UofL is a campus chapter of the UN Association, a program of the UN Foundation to inform and inspire the American people to support the ideals and works of the United Nations. We represent one of the largest networks of advocates & supporters of the UN around the world!

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As you begin your journey at the University of Louisville, we welcome you to join us and support the mission of the United Nations! To learn how to join this organization, click here.

Our Activities

  • Model United Nations
  • Advocacy for Sustainable Development Goals
  • Attending Summits
  • And other activities