Internship Testimonials

"My internship experience was definitely one for the books. I had the opportunity to really dive deep into the day-to-day routine of a county prosecutor. Even though I am not a certified legal intern in law school, I was exposed to a lot of the background work that goes into prosecution in criminal law and helped where I could in gathering evidence for an argument. After taking Constitutional Law and spending time with my assigned prosecutor in court, I realized a lot. Of course I knew that different areas of law would bring about different cases, but watching how each court proceeds was extremely interesting. In the state courts, there is a much more relaxed atmosphere about it. Judges, public defenders and prosecutors have a close professional relationship that allows the spirits to remain high on times off the record. When dealing with matters of constitutional law, the court room requires a much more formal and strict environment. The experience was one I will forever be grateful for as it has allowed me to find a career path that I am now very interested in pursuing."
- Kaila Kolodkin (Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office intern, summer 2019)

"My senior year Frankfort internship was everything I thought it would be and led to opportunities that I never could have imagined. As an intern I was able to pull back the curtain on Kentucky politics and in doing so I gained immeasurable experience and insight on how Kentucky operates. It was hard work and also fun, from scouting support for legislation to enjoying FREE legislative lunches (don’t miss out on this - it’s not just free food guys - it’s also a great opportunity to network and watch lobbying in action). My time in Frankfort also brought me into contact with Representatives that I continue to speak with. When I graduated and began looking for my career path, multiple Representatives offered me paid opportunities in the State Capital with personal references."
- Tialisha Lumpkin (Frankfort Intern, Spring 2018)

"One of the most important aspects of the internship, in my opinion, is the introduction of college students to an extremely professional work environment. Students must monitor their own behavior to ensure that they are providing the best service to their office and ultimately the commonwealth. I will forever be thankful to the Frankfort internship for showing me how I will be expected to behave in my future career."
- Kylie Nethers (Frankfort Intern, Spring 2018)