Computer Account Usage Agreement

I acknowledge responsibility for the use of all the computer accounts assigned to me on the University of Louisville's centralized computing systems. I will accept any and all consequences due to the misuse or abuse of the computing facilities.

I agree to:

  • use the computing facilities in an appropriate and ethical manner;
  • abide by all intellectual property rights (e.g., Copyright, Patent, Trademark), including but not limited to laws, regulations, and policy on art, games, graphics, movies, music, photographs, software,  and text; respect the property rights and associated restrictions of others and to refrain from actions or access which would violate the terms of applicable licensing and nondisclosure agreements;
  • respect the confidentiality of data, complying with federal and state statutes and University of Louisville policies regarding access to university data and to not release such data without proper authorization;
  • take appropriate steps to safeguard access codes and passwords to protect against unauthorized use and to notify Information Technology of suspected unauthorized use;
  • not make unauthorized use of the accounts and to not knowingly grant use of the accounts for unauthorized purposes;
  • respect the rights of all other users of the system and to not knowingly use computing resources, including mobile devices, in any way which is disruptive or damaging to the system or any other user;
  • only use the electronic communication facilities in accordance with University HR Policies and/or Code of Student Conduct which ever may apply.
  • the proper management of computing resources, not limited to but including mobile devices, disk space and tape volumes;
  • Take proper precautions to safeguard personal data for recovery in the event of a computing system disaster.


I understand the University of Louisville does not warrant the functionality or performance of the resources made available by the use of the computer accounts to meet my particular purposes or use and realize that I bear the risk of loss or damages arising there from.

I understand computing resources, including mobile devices, are the property of the University of Louisville and once my computer accounts are closed, access to the accounts or the data contained with in them may be granted to others to facilitate the transfer of responsibility or the retrieval of data.

I understand that misuse of the computing resources, including mobile devices, abuse of the system, or other violation of this agreement, by me, or by an individual to whom I have permitted use of the computer accounts, can result in loss of computing privileges, disciplinary action, and legal action.

I understand that the University of Louisville cannot guarantee the confidentiality or privacy of electronic data. Access may be given to persons outside of the University community when required by law. The University does not monitor electronic communications on a routine basis; however, it does reserve the right to do so if instructed by legal authorities or for the purpose of system integrity or policy violations.