Fall 2020 Housing Operations

fall 2020 housing operations

2020-21 Housing Operations Overview

Campus Housing at the University of Louisville identified necessary adjustments to promote student, staff, and community well-being during the 2020-2021 Academic Year. This document highlights items of importance to community members and other stakeholders.

Move-in will be extended by multiple days with additional hours each day, allowing for appropriate physical distancing.

  • Check-in appointments will be used to prevent gatherings of more than 50 people.
  • Prior to the official move-in days, drop-and-go appointments will be available for students who wish to come to campus early and move items into their room, and depart. The items will be locked in the room until the student returns on the official move-in day. The availability of early drop-off will vary by residence hall. Housing will communicate with all students on arranging drop-and-go and move in times. Please monitor your university email address for full move-in details.   
  • Students may bring up to two people to assist with their move-in.
  • Move-in volunteers will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms prior to move-in.

Campus Housing’s facilities will be updated according to public health recommendations.

  • Room occupancy will follow standard occupancy practices.
  • The guest policy, including the number of guests permitted per resident, will be adjusted based on public health recommendations.
  • Front desks will have plexi-glass sneeze guards to reduce the spread of germs.
  • Physical distancing decals will be installed at appropriate locations to assist residents.
  • Community spaces will have altered hours of operation, available by reservation.
  • Furniture will be configured to support public health recommendations.

Community development will include in-person and virtual opportunities.

  • The first community meetings will occur virtually in order to support physical distancing.
  • Programming and events will comply with the public gathering restrictions in place.
  • Meetings in small spaces will be relocated or hosted virtually.

Cleaning and maintenance practices will be altered based on public health recommendations.

  • Community spaces will be sanitized at least three times per day.
  • Cleaning supplies will be available at hall desks for students to use in community spaces.
  • Maintenance staff will be masked while working in rooms and coming to and from.

Student health will be a partnership between Campus Housing, the university, and residents.

    • All students will be strongly encouraged to be vaccinated for the flu.
    • Wearing face coverings may be required in public spaces in the residence hall but not in private rooms.
    • Should the need arise, Campus Housing and Health Services will assist students with COVID-19 exposures, symptoms, and cases.

Message from Campus Housing

We understand that several of our students' health, financial, and other personal circumstances may have changed after assigning/receiving an assignment in Campus Housing for Fall 2020-Spring 2021. We also recognize that several students may have questions regarding their housing options and the benefits of living on campus versus residing off campus and/or at home. We welcome anyone with questions or concerns to email us at to discuss their unique situations and concerns. In addition, we have created a Cancellation FAQ to address some of the common concerns which many students may have in this regard. Select this link to access the Cancellation FAQ.