Trustees and Porter: Appeal Q & A

1. Why would a student need to submit an appeal?

Scholarship students who do not earn a cumulative 3.0 GPA (or other GPA as indicated on the scholarship terms of agreement) can submit an appeal. Students who have used eight semesters of scholarship eligibility (or eleven semesters if in the Speed School of Engineering) can submit an appeal  to request  additional semesters of eligibility.

Scholarship students should check their university e-mail account frequently. The Student Financial Aid Office will communicate with scholarship students via e-mail after the conclusion of the spring semester. Students should not, however, rely solely on an e-mail notification. Scholarship students are ultimately responsible for checking to determine whether or not they meet the conditions for scholarship renewal.

2. When should a student submit an appeal?

The deadline is June 1st every year. Appeals should be submitted after the spring grades have posted, but before June 1st. Appeal forms will be available on our website by May 1st.

3. What is required for an appeal?

  1. An appeal form. It is available on the Student Financial Aid Office's website in May each year.
  2. A typewritten letter that explains the unusual circumstances that prevented you from meeting the renewal criteria.
  3. Supporting documentation. This must be provided in order to receive full consideration of your appeal. Please do not submit the original documentation, but submit copies. Examples of documentation are as follows: doctor's statement, medical bills, and/or letter of support from an objective third-party.
  4. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Your FAFSA data must be on file in the Student Financial Aid Office by the appeal deadline of June 1st. The Student Financial Aid Office does not receive this data immediately and if you have not completed this step prior to May 15, attach a copy of your confirmation and summary page.


4. Where do I turn in my completed appeal?

All appeal forms must be submitted to the Student Financial Aid Office. All appeal documents must be on file in the financial aid office by June 1st.  Do not submit any portion of the appeal to another office.  No exceptions are made to this policy.

The Student Financial Aid Office’s mailing address is:

University of Louisville Student Financial Aid Office
Attn: Scholarship Appeals Committee
Houchens Building, Room 110
Louisville, KY 40292

5. How do I find out the results of my appeal?

Students are notified of appeal results via e-mail. Decisions will be sent to students’ university e-mail accounts by June 15th.

6. What are some valid reasons for appeal approval?

Appeal decisions are based on individual circumstances and available funding after those who meet the automatic renewal criteria are awarded. Examples of unusual circumstances regarding GPA requirements include any issue that hindered academic performance.

Examples of unusual circumstances for extensions include any issue that contributed to the length of the program.

7. Who makes the decision on appeals?

The Scholarship Appeals Committee, consisting of at least six University employees from various offices, will work together to review appeals. Decisions are recommended to the Director of Student Financial Aid.

8. If my appeal is approved, how much can I expect to receive?

The funding available for each student with an approved appeal will be determined after the Scholarship Appeals Committee submits their recommendations to the Director of Student Financial Aid. Based on funding levels, the Director determines the amount of scholarship funding available for each approved student.

9. What happens if my appeal is denied?

The Student Financial Aid Office will work closely with you. Completion of the FAFSA is required with your appeal. It is strongly recommended that you submit the FAFSA prior to March 15th to ensure that you are considered for all possible sources of aid.

10. If I raise my cumulative GPA, can I regain my scholarship?

Students who lose their scholarship will not be automatically renewed, regardless of cumulative GPA. Students who raise their cumulative GPA to meet the scholarship requirements during the summer and/or fall semesters do not regain eligibility for their scholarship immediately.

At the conclusion of the spring semester, students who have raised their cumulative GPA to the required level should fill out a reinstatement request form no later than June 1st. Forms will be reviewed accordingly and scholarship reinstatements will be processed if eligibility remains.

11. If I lost my scholarship in a prior year, how can I be reconsidered for scholarship funding?

Students that did not appeal last year, or did appeal and were denied, can submit an appeal this year. The Scholarship Appeals Committee will review the student cumulative GPA for improvement and any unusual circumstances.

12. Who is the Student Financial Aid Office contact for scholarships?

The Scholarship Team:

Rachel Kirk, Scholarship Program Manager
Phone: 502-852-8379

Angela Black, Associate Director for Scholarships
Phone: 502-852-3870

Katie Farmer, Scholarship Program Manager
Phone: 502-852-6037


The Student Financial Aid Office also has counseling staff members who are always prepared to help students regarding all aspects of financial aid. They can be contacted via our customer service phone line at 502-852-5511 or via email at