Signature Partnership

The Signature Partnership is a University effort to enhance the quality of life and economic opportunity for residents of West Louisville.  The goal is to work with various community partners to improve the education, health, wellness, and social status of individuals and families who live in our urban core.  Working closely with community, residents, Jefferson County Public Schools, Louisville Metro Government, Metro United Way, the Urban League, faith based organizations, and many others the University has coordinated and enhanced existing programs and launched new programs designed to eliminate or reduce disparities that West Louisville residents experience in education, health, economic and social conditions.  The University is drawing upon the expertise and energy of faculty, staff, and students from every school and college at UofL to deal with the quality of life issues affecting our community.

Overarching Goal Statement

In collaboration with community partners, enhance quality of life for residents in West Louisville by improving the overall educational attainment levels to equal those of Metro Louisville in general, through the integrated enhancement of health, social and human services, and economic viability of the community.

Programmatic Objectives

Education - Elevate Educational Attainment

  • Early Childhood Development
  • Academic Performance of the Students in K-12
  • High School Graduate Rates
  • Residents Obtain Bachelor's Degree

Economic Development - Financial Empowerment

  • Employment Opportunities for Residents
  • Business Development and Retention
  • Entrepreneurship and Wealth Creation

Social and Human Services - Build Capacity

  • Enhancement of Social Service Providers
  • Parental Involvement (Training &Education)
  • Sustainable Neighborhoods

Health & Quality of Life

  • Promotion of Health Lifestyles
  • Accessibility to Quality Healthcare
  • Arts and Cultural Activities

*Adopted by Residents Advisory Council 3/12/12




Ten Years of Collaboration with west Louisville (PDF)

Signature Partnership Initiative 5-Year Progress Report(PDF)

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