Office of Community Engagement Faculty Grant Program

The OCEFG grants program is an initiative established to foster UofL faculty and staff projects within the west Louisville community and Jefferson County. This grant mechanism will focus on infrastructure development, research and non-research projects which hold a community participatory action perspective.  OCEFG overarching goal is "In collaboration with community partners, enhance quality of life for residents in West Louisville and Jefferson County by improving the overall educational attainment levels, through the integrated enhancement of health, social and human services, and economic viability of the community." It is anticipated that up to three mini-grants (between $2,500- $10,000) will be awarded each funding cycle (funding will be for a period of 12-24 months/project).  Priority will be given to projects that demonstrate transdisciplinary/interprofessional collaboration, have a focus on west Louisville (Signature Partnership Initiative geographic area), however, projects within Jefferson County Kentucky are eligible for funding. All grant applications will require a (west Louisville or Jefferson County community-as appropriate to the project) collaborator (individual, group or organization) to be competitive.

Applications must identify and address one or more of the Office of Community Engagement and/or Signature Partnership goals.

Timeline is as follows:

  • Grant announcement - May 2, 2016 and reissued August 17, 2016
  • Application deadline - November 11, 2016
  • Selection of winners - February 15, 2017
  • Winners will be required to attend the March 2017 University Community Partnership Advisory Board meeting for official announcement of the award.

Applicants for the OCEFG may be prior winners of the OCEFG grants  However, previous year's winners must wait a period of one (1) year from end of the last funding period to submit a new application (example - 2015 winner cannot reapply for the 2016 grant announcement but may apply during the 2017 announcement period).  Prior winners who submit applications for new grant funding must demonstrate scholarly outcomes from previous funding as part of the new application to be competitive.

Grant Application (Word document)

2017 Faculty Grant Recipients

Dr. Monica Wendel & Dr. Susan Buchino

Exploring the Return to Homelessness

Dr. Patrick Possel, Rafel Fernandez-Botran, Lisa Hooper, Lateefah id-Deen, Jason Immekus

What makes prevention work?  Cultural adaptation of an effective program for African-American Adolescents

Dr. Vicki Hines-Martin, Lisa Cooper, V. Faye Jones, Henry Cunningham, Craig Ziegler, Signature Partnership Resident Advisory Council

Partnership for Research: Culturally Informed Science and Excellence in Translation (PRECISE-T) Project

2014 Faculty Grant Recipients

Dr. Kathryn Whitmore & Dr. James Chisolm

Composing the stories of Family Scholar House

Dr. Lara Kelland

Parkland Digital History

Dr. Carlee Lehna, Mary Beth Coty, and John Myers

Home Fire Safety Community Education & Advocacy

Dr. Armon Perry

Promoting Paternal Participation in Healthy Start Programming

Dr. Faye Jones and Katie Leslie, MS

Implementing a Community-Based CPR Training Initiative Utilizing Pre-Medical Students as Facilitators

Follow this link to read the Jones and Leslie Outcome Report (PDF)

View the 2014 Project Summary for each grant (PDF)

2010 Faculty Grant Recipients

Dr. Vicki Hines-Martin

Dosker Manor Assessment Project

Award Amount $8,300

Follow this link to review a highlight of outcomes from this project (Minority

Dr. Deborah Winders Davis

Formative Evaluation of an Educational Program on Child Sexual Abuse

Award Amount $8,300

Dr. Muriel Harris

Providing a Safe and quality Environment for Residents for the Smoketown Community Through Reclaiming Green Space

Award amount $8,300

View the 2010 project summary for each funded grant

2009 Faculty Grant Recipient

Dr. Irene Litvan

Development of a Questionnaire to study Barriers to Healthcare Access and Impediments to Participation in Clinical Research in Residents of West Louisville

Follow this link to read the outcome report