World Scholars Program

Spring 2019 competition (for travel in 2019-2020)


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The World Scholars Program, supported by the College of Arts and Sciences, provides select undergraduate students with up to $5000 of funding to support a significant study experience of at least two months’ duration in a country or region of the world whose principal language is not English.  Applicants must be actively committed to achieving fluency in the language of that country or region. They must also be declared majors or minors in any of the non-language disciplines offered by the College of Arts and Sciences and endeavor, to the degree possible, to study the material of that discipline while abroad (whether through full-immersion coursework, service learning, internship placement, directed study, etc.). Students studying any of the modern languages offered at the University of Louisville (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish) are encouraged to apply.

Upon their return, World Scholars will work with a faculty advisor on a final project (such as an honors thesis, a community service project, or an application for a major national fellowship) that integrates their international experience with their undergraduate studies at U of L. They may also work with the International Center as peer advisors, helping to recruit and prepare other students for study abroad.