A&S Planning and Budget Commmittee Minutes Jan 18 2006

Minutes: A&S Planning and Budget Committee

January 18, 2006

Members Present: Martin Klotz (Chairperson), Regina Roebuck, Allen Whitt, Gregory Hutcheson, Greg Leichty, Robert Buchanan (ex-officio)

Start and location of the meeting: 3:00 PM, 300 Academic Research Building,

1) The committee discussed the committee's recommendation from the previous meeting to incorporate SUPA into the College of Arts and Sciences. Only the first recommendation of the original memo will be presented and acted on in the A&S Assembly meeting of Friday, January 20.

2) The committee reviewed proposals for enhancement funds that had been submitted to the committee. After discussing evaluation criteria, the committee rated individual proposals with recommendations to the Dean Hudson to 1) fund the proposal “as is”, 2) fund the proposal in part, 3) defer on the proposal at this time and to reconsider the proposal in the future, and 4) to deny funding for the proposal.

3) The committee meeting ended at 5:00 PM and the meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Greg Leichty