A&S Planning and Budget Commmittee Minutes Sep 14 2005

Minutes: A&S Planning and Budget Committee

September 14, 2005

Members Present: Gregory Hutcheson. Greg Leichty, Martin Klotz (Chair), Regina Roebuck, Allan Whitt, Robert Buchanan (ex-officio), CS Jayanthi (ex-officio)

Members Absent: Susan DeWitt, Peter France,

Start and location of the meeting: 3:00 PM at Gardiner Hall

  1. The meeting started at 3:00 pm; minutes from the previous meeting were discussed. They will be distributed electronically for approval by the whole committee.
  2. The committee discussed a request by the Department of Physics to its names to the Department of Physic and Astronomy. The committee voted to forward a positive recommendation to the Faculty Assembly.
  3. The committee discussed the possibility of a Foreign Language requirement for students completing a B.S. degree in Natural Sciences, as discussed previously in a Faculty Assembly. Although a separate, ad hoc committee has been charged with working on this issue, the Planning and Budget Committee expressed its hope that the college would use this as an opportunity to take a long term approach to related matters such as retention, recruitment, P-14 articulation and planning.
  4. The committee discussed a previous committee request for funds for faculty study of student retention issues.
  5. The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 PM

Submitted by Regina Roebuck