A&S Planning and Budget Commmittee Minutes March 25 2005

Minutes: A&S Planning and Budget Committee

March 25, 2005

Members Present: Martin Klotz (Chair), Carol Mattingly, Regina Roebuck, Allen Whitt, Christopher Tillquist, Jeff Jack (recording minutes), Dean Blaine Hudson (visitor), Dr. Hiromi Taniguchi (visitor)

Members Absent: CS Jayanthi (ex-officio)

  1. The meeting started at 2:05 pm; minutes from the previous meeting were discussed and placed aside to allow maximum time for Dean Hudson’s responses to committee concerns.
  2. Chair Martin Klotz reported that some committee recommendations are moving forward, an example being the general education requirements amendment that has the support of the Provost Office and will be moving forward for adoption. There was a brief discussion about the current roles/status of the advising center; Dean Hudson contributed his perspective on the strengths of the new system.
  3. Dr. Taniguchi was introduced and gave a brief presentation on her previous research dealing with evaluation of education outcomes. Dean Hudson then gave a brief background on institutional research at UofL, the problems with our current modes of assessment and opportunities for changes in the future. Several ideas to improve communication between the Dean’s Office and the College, including more email updates and web site postings, were discussed.
  4. There was a discussion of the roles that faculty could play in improving our institutional research and the idea was proposed, supported by Dean Hudson, that a committee should be formed to explore the level of interest and expertise in the College.
  5. In the time remaining, there was a discussion on the state of the College’s physical plant. Dean Hudson noted the renovation projects that were currently underway and the problems posed by cuts in the maintenance budget university wide. The Dean and committee both agreed that action was needed and that more funds need to be identified or obtained from central administration.
  6. Minutes of the previous two meetings were approved after departure of the Dean
  7. The meeting ended at 3:14 PM.
  8. Submitted for approval by the committee by Jeffrey D. Jack