A&S Planning and Budget Commmittee Minutes Oct 27 1999

Minutes: A & S Planning and Budget Committee

October 27, 1999


Members present: Bruce Adams, George Barnes, Candalyn Fryear, Jeannie McCabe, Bob Kimball, Pam Takayoshi, Wiley Williams, Shirley Willihnganz.

Committee going through A & S College Budget.

Meeting comes to order at 2:05.

  • GTA and GSA monies are in the departments. Dean Willihnganz doesn't reallocate this money - it belongs to the departments.
  • Honors (p. 126). 10,000 travel budget. It's a program budget; money goes into the account from students. It's like an advance - not a gift from College to Honors program. Honors program estimates what they'll take in for the year and then what they'll spend. Honors pays the money back by end of year to the College. That 10,000 will be recovered from students (travel in honors program). Money is untouchable by Committee.
  • Global Studies (p. 129). 30,000 - College's piece of Global Studies money comes from an endowment. Like Honors, the money will be recovered from students. Money is untouchable by Committee.
  • Center for Humanities and Society (p. 130) is not college money - it's Challenge money. Money is untouchable by Committee.
  • A & S Research Fund (p. 141). Research committee has about 42,841 to make awards. This is where the Planning and Budget Committee has some play with money: 42,841. Almost every year, there is enough from faculty salary to cover 40,000 for the research fund from last minute resignations and faculty illnesses. The research fund would then vary from year to year. The advantage is that no department is taking a permanent cut (the line is not cut, the money is just used for the year because the department can't hire that year anyway). This is not coming up with a real CAR line.
  • Dean Willihnganz sent a note to department chairs encouraging them to find places in their own budgets where they could come up with money. Departments have some surplus also.
  • Dean Willihnganz has 110,000 surplus for Y2K money set aside. Should nothing happen with Y2K, that money can be spent. It's one-time money, though. Not CAR.
  • Committee is not going to cut into GTA, faculty lines. We can only look at travel and research budgets.
  • Dean Willihnganz says faculty lines are something that can be put on the table. Some programs are not in demand as much as they once were, but we've still got full time faculty lines in those areas. However, faculty who are tenured in places where the demand or need is not needed anymore cannot be cut. Committee needs to set priorities for College - what do we need over what we don't? (Is it feasible for College to buy these tenured people out? After last buy out, Provost was adamant that there would be no more buyouts for some time.)
  • At the moment, any salary reallocations (excess from retirement and new hire) have not gone back to departments, they've gone largely into the tech fund (trying to meet 250,000 CAR; we're at 175,000). The Provost and Dean Moore worked out a deal where the Provost will put back excess money from rehiring until we hit a 250,000 CAR line for technology. This CAR line is untouchable by P & B Committee.
  • Faculty Merit Lump Sum (p. 163). 22,977 internal reallocation used sometimes to supplement new faculty hires when there's not enough in the line. Excess moved into this account and moved in/out as people quit and were hired so we can hire closer to benchmark when departments don't have the full amount.
  • Instructor lump sum lines (p. 155). Some of this covers emergency situations (i.e., medical leave requests, part timers).
  • Graduate teaching assistant under faculty development (p. 157). Account within the dean's office. Dean makes decision - somebody needs a one time grad std GTA. It could go on the table toward 280,000. We could look at both positions (15,272). Student wages 7.65 benefits of line is benefits (which can be counted in the 15,272). Faculty full time 21.5% of line is benefits.
  • Most significant areas of savings might coincide with what Associate Deans came up with last year (Gen Ed stuff will be settled soon; Nov. 11th) and scheduling (which is just coming up now). We won't know for awhile how the changes amount to changes in money.

Meeting adjourned at 3:05.