A&S Planning and Budget Commmittee Minutes Aug 20 1999

Minutes: A & S Planning and Budget Committee
August 20, 1999

Members present: Bruce Adams (History), George Barnes (Math), Julia Dietrich (Dean’s Office), Steve Edgell (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Bob Kimball (Philosophy), Pam Takayoshi (English), and Wiley Williams (Math).

Meeting brought to order at 10:00.

George Barnes was elected Chair. Pam Takayoshi was elected Secretary.

Meeting time was established: Wednesday at 2:00 (committee agreed to plan for one hour meetings). Next meeting is Wednesday, September 1, 2:00 with Dean Shirley Willihnganz.

Agenda items for committee to consider this semester were established:

  1. Last year’s Planning and Budget Committee report went to the Dean but there was no official response from the Dean. Julia Dietrich said that Dean Willihnganz will talk with committee about that report on 9-1. Steve Edgell promised to send copies of that report to this year’s committee.
  2. Committee needs to find 1% for salary raise.
  3. Committee needs to identify a permanent source of technology money.
  4. This is the Planning Year when the Provost sets forth goals and objectives. This committee will fill in the details for A & S. This document is a planning document, not a budget document – committee needs to start with what the College needs and see how those needs mesh with the Provost’s strategic plan.
  5. Julia and Steve talked about how the last College Planning Document was general and too long (the idea being that something would get funded if everything was listed). Problem was that it ended up looking like the College didn’t have needs prioritized. Julia suggested that this year the committee come up with a small, really focused list.
  6. Last year, some faculty in the College were unhappy about the 5% raise. The Constitution says the first 3% of the raise is to be determined by the annual Performance Evaluation and Salary Distribution (PESD), and anything above that 3% is determined ½ by the PESD, ½ by the Dean’s discretion. The amount left to discretion was cause for discomfort among faculty.
  7. Additional agenda items were solicited.

Meeting adjourned at 10:40.