Arts & Sciences Peer Advisor Program

Arts & Sciences Peer Advisor Program

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Peer Advisors are an integral part of the College of Arts & Sciences advising programs. They are one of the first points of contact for incoming students and serve as teaching assistants in the Gen 101 courses. The Peer Advisor Program is coordinated by Meagan West in the College of Arts & Sciences Advising Center. The Peer Advisors work closely with the professional staff within the college; serve as CAPS mentors through Undergraduate Studies, and all other staff throughout orientation. They assist first-year students in making the transition from high school to the Ville by sharing their strategies for survival and knowledge of campus. They also assist them in understanding and accessing academic support services.

FAQs for Peer Advisor Program


What is the peer advisor program?

The purpose of the Peer Advisor Program is to provide support for freshman and new students in their transition to college. The Peer Advisors are upperclassmen who have been selected based on their interest in and capacity for helping others. The P.A.s attend training and meet regularly with the program coordinator. The program has been up and running in the College of Arts & Sciences since the mid 1990s.

What exactly do peer advisors do?

Peer Advisors guide, support, and advise students within the College of Arts and Sciences to help make their academic career a success and memorable experience. Beginning with Freshman Orientation, the P.A.s are on campus to help with the transition from high school to college and welcome new students to the University of Louisville. Peer Advisors maintain contact with their advisees throughout the year, as CAPS Leaders, teaching assistants in the Gen 101 courses and advising workshops with the Exploratory Team of professional advisors. P.A.s will offer information on how to access resources at U of L, as well as offer advice on academic issues, social adjustment, and support services.


How much time is involved and what is expected?

Peer Advisors make a commitment to attend bi-weekly meetings, several training sessions, all Freshman Orientation sessions, online as a CAPS leader, Gen 101 classes, individual advising appointments during priority registration and occasional campus events. Students must feel certain they can honor this commitment before they apply to become an advisor. It is crucial for the sake of your advisees and the program that you are able to make a full commitment. Peer Advisors are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and be aware that they are representatives of the college and the university.

Who can I talk with to get more information on the peer advisor program?

The Peer Advisor Program is coordinated by Meagan West, an Exploratory Academic Counselor. Feel free to contact her in the College of Arts & Sciences Advising and Student Support Services Center at (502)852-5502 or by emailing Meagan West. They are eager to talk with you about this terrific program!


Responsibility Timeline



Orientation to the Peer Advisor Program

All returning PA’s will participate in the Exploratory Advising workshops.


April - May

Retreat May 12th

Two weeks of training May 13th-23rd

May - June

Attend all freshman orientations: advise students, participate in presentations, etc.

Freshman Orientation Dates Summer 2014:
Session 1 – May 27-28
Session 2 – May 29-30
Session 3 – June 2-3
Session 4 – June 5-6
Session 5 – June 9-10

BREAK June 11-13
Session 6 – June 16-17
Session 7 – June 19-20
Session 8 – June 23-24
Session 9 – June 26-27
Session 10 – June 30-July 1


Serve as a CAPS Leader

Keep in touch with incoming students via Blackboard & Cardmail


August (before classes begin):

Training for Gen 101

Attend Welcome Weekend Peer Mentor Luncheon and A&S Reception


August - October

Serve as Teaching Assistants in multiple Gen 101 sections

Attend bi-weekly staff meetings

Maintain 2 office hours per week


October - November

Assist with Advising via the Exploratory workshops

Additional Opportunity to teach Gen 101


January - February

Additional Opportunity to teach Gen 101



Peers are supervised by Meagan West throughout their tenure.


All applicants must complete the online Peer Advisor Application, resume, and submit 2 recommendation letters. The applications will then be reviewed and all applicants will be notified if they have received an interview. The remaining applicants will participate in a panel interview and notified of their status within 2 weeks.


Enrolled as a full-time student at the University of Louisville

Attained sophomore standing (30 hours) prior to application deadline

Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75

Accessible during the summer and throughout the academic year

Honest and abide by a high standard of integrity

Demonstrate maturity of judgment, tact, and self-control

Genuine interest in helping new students adjust to all facets of university life

Responsible, consistent, flexible, and enthusiastic

Positive attitude which is readily communicated to others

Ability to communicate effectively


March/April- Meet and Greet with the Advising Staff and Student Orientation Staff Leaders working with A & S.

May- Be available the last 2 weeks for Orientation training!

August- Be available the first week for Gen 101 training!


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