FAQs for Peer Advisor Program

What is the peer advisor program?

The purpose of the Peer Advisor Program is to provide support for first-year students in their transition to college. Peer Advisors guide, support, and advise students within the College of Arts & Sciences to help make their academic career a successful experience.

What exactly do peer advisors do?

Peer Advisors assist with advising and registration during New Cards Orientation during the summer (note: this component will not happen in Summer 2021), serve as teaching assistants and peer mentors in the Gen 101: Arts & Sciences First-Year Experience course during the Fall and Spring semesters, and assist with other advising initiatives throughout the academic year.  Peer Advisors are trained on a variety of information and topics and are well-equipped to assist with transitioning students from high school to college.  We want all students to find their place at the University of Louisville!

How much time is involved and what is expected?

Peer Advisors make a commitment to attend several training sessions, all New Cards Orientation sessions (excluding Summer 2021), Gen 101 classes, occasional meetings, and other initiatives as needed. The Peer Advisor Staff is expected to be fully committed to the program for the full academic year (summer, fall, spring). Peer Advisors are expected to commit between 5-20 hours of time/week (varies based on time of year).  This role is compensated at $10/hour. Peer Advisors are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and be aware that they are representatives of the college and the university.  Please review the Responsibility Timeline.

Who can I talk with to get more information on the peer advisor program?

The Peer Advisor Program is coordinated/supervised by Michelle Henderson. Feel free to contact her in the College of Arts & Sciences Advising and Student Support Services Center at (502) 852-5502 or by email: Michelle Henderson.